Friday, December 11, 2009

It's begining to look alot like Christmas!

Good Morning Lovelies!!!

Today I wanted to share some pictures I took last Saturday when we got all that snow!

I just LOVE the way everything looks when it shows!  It's like a whole new world.  Everything is so different and dreamy!

So, I can't resist taking some pics.

And I thought I might share them with you!

First we have the view from our back porch:
(Click to make 'em big and beautiful!)

 Then, it was time to head out to my father-in-laws.
Here we are heading down the road we live on:

We turn off our road and head down this road, since the Snow route is open.
They open an alternative way off the mountain when it snows, because if they did not, we'd have to go through 2 series of multiple s curves, which of course isn't fun in slippery conditions, when you live on a mountain.  SCARY!

And toward the snow exit we go...

Now out onto the main road in and out of the mountain...

We got there safe and sound!  Gotta love 4 wheel drive!
Obviously we didn't take my lowered Civic. would plow it's own path!

And 1 last picture!
Whats better than snow?
Snow in the sunlight!!!!
Here is the view off our back porch the next morning...

Yup!  I LOVE Snow!

Doesn't that get you in the Christmas Spirit!
Between looking at those pics, and the temps in the teens last night, I just wanna curl up with a cup of Cocoa!

Do you guys have fun plans this weekend?
I hope so!!!!

That's all I have for you today my wonderful readers!
I hope you have a great day and a fantastic weekend!!!



Unknown said...

I live literaly in the Smokey mountains so I get the snow route and mountain driving. It's extra fun here because of the excess of Florida retiree's that seem to only go out driving in poor weather. Very old people + ice and snow + Narrow Mountain curvy roads = one heck of an adrenalen rush!

LfsAlot said...

Gorgeous pics sweetie! You had to have been in the single digits this morning at home because it was 4 degrees here at work at 8 AM. Brrrrr! It's only 8 degrees now.

Stiletto said...

Ahh a mountain dwelling sister! Isn't it AWESOME living in the mountains! We are lucky ladies!

WOW! I knew it was cold, cause i didn't kick the covers off all night! We even had a down comforter over our comforter! but i didn't realize it was that cold!
LOV U!!!

Paige said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!

Stiletto said...

Thanks hun!

rijaH said...

That looks so nice.. We haven't had a white christmas in Denmark in 14 years. But they talk about that there might be a chance this year! Would be so nice :D

polishedlyrics said...

I love these pictures. It looks like you live in a great quiet place I'm jealous! Beautiful.

Amarena said...

I'm loving these pics.

and I'm a bit jelous;)

kelsealaurel said...

AW! I love the snow!! =) Such pretty pictures. Have a lovely weekend, I'll be driving to socal in the rain =(

booksnchocolate said...

Gorgeous pics!
We haven't had a white Christmas in ..forever here. I think I'm a bit jealous...

KONADomania said...

love your pics<3 could you please send some over here;) we eagerly waiting for it!

Phyrra said...

Oh my god that looks like a frozen winter wonder land!

I'm cold just looking at the pictures!

Unknown said...

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i find him today !!!
i love konad me too !!!
i have a blog begin a few days come on see mine thanks

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

These pictures are beautiful! I have never lived in the snow and have only seen snow a few times... I wouldn't know what to do if it snowed where I live. The driving part sounds so scary.

Thanks for sharing! :)

MightyLambchop said...

Beautiful pictures! Your drive sounds scary though!

I'm not a fan of snow. I got my fill in Nebraska. It doesn't snow much in my part of Oregon, thank bob. I think I was just meant to be an island girl. I get chilly when it's below 80 degrees!

Unknown said...

Looks nice! I wish we would have as much snow here in Finland (as I live in southern part)

Camy said...

Wooow... so beautiful!!!
I hope it's gonna snow soon in my town too.

Mae Espiritu Makeup Obra said...

i like the view, nice photo... i wish theres a snow in our country.. =)

addicted said...

God!!! the pics.are awesome!!!!

Lucy said...

I adore "looking" at snow. We don't get snow much here in Southern New Jersey. When I was little it used to snow really heavy. Not any more. It must be so beautiful where you live. People go crazy when it snows here. I guess if we got more of it we would be used to driving it all of that snow. A 4-wheel drive would make it much easier also. Take care and thanks for sharing your pictures. Did all the wrapping of presents this weekend. Had some hot chocolate with a squirt of Redi-Whip. Delicious. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness these were all breath-taking pics! Love the mountains in the snow!!!

Brooke said...