Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Fail!

Well, Hello Lovelies!

What is that you say?
Where are the pics I promised yesterday?
Very good question!
Apparently I actually didn't transfer the pic I needed over to my thumb drive like I thought I did last night. 

SOOOooooo, those pics will be seen tomorrow!

The only thing I have to show you today is a Video of my crazy dog!
She LOVES opening Christmas presents! 
So this year we decided to record it so you guys could see.
Sadly, my camera's video function leaves alot to be desired.  The video is WAY darker than it looked as I was filming!  Soon, very soon, we will get the right size memory card for our camcorder and then I can use that!

So...Obviously I am sorry for the darkness of this vid! 
Secondly, the voices you hear are me and Mom, incase you are wondering!
And lastly, the first "Gift" was treats, she shows little interest in this cause she can smell it's not a toy!  LOL  She knows how toys smell and will not be too interested unless it's a toy!  We still have one to give her, she hasn't let the toy she opened out of her sight since Christmas, so this weekend we will try to film her opening that and see if it's brighter for ya!

Here ya go:

Have a great day guys!



Unknown said...

OMG that is the cutes/funniest thing ever! Why doesn't she have her own show? She needs a youtube chanel! lol

Brooke said...

lolololol!! Loving it.

Brooke said...

lolololol!! Loving it.

Stiletto said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed that! She cracks me up daily, so sometimes I feel I'm a bit biased! Good to know I'm not boring everyone with these posts! Thanks Hun!!!

Thanks Sis!

booksnchocolate said...

So so cute! Loved it.

nihrida said...

OMG! I'm tearing up here. She is SO cute!! Jumping around of excitement...opening here presents like a joyful kid on a christmas morning. Precious little Macy! She reminded me so much of Milo (the dog from The Mask movie). He also made me smile so much.
I loved hearing your voice. Darn it...I can't believe I'm actually crying...is this PMS or what?
I don't know how much did that presents cost you, but this video is priceless! :*

nihrida said...

BTW: I need to get her something the next time I send you nail polish. I never saw a dog who would enjoy squeaky toys so much. =) What does she like the most?

Stiletto said...

So glad u enjoyed it!

Hey hun! AWWW Thanks!
You don't have to get her anything! But yes, squeaky toys and balls, are her favorites! (much to our ears dismay!) She plays non-stop from the moment we walk through the door until we go to sleep, and sometimes she will continue throwing the ball or squeaky at us even after we've turned out the light!

I'm so glad everyone's liked this so much, I always hesitate to post too much about her, but I may start doing more soon!

Paige said...

Aww, that is so cute!

Lucy said...

Adorable! I miss having a dog so much. I love her ripping right into that package. She sure loves her toys.