Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Art Club Pretty Shiny Things Review

Good Morning Lovelies!

First I just want to say a big thank you for all the truly sweet comments on yesterdays post!  You guys are just the greatest!  I really hope that the post didn't come off as me fishing for compliments because that was not my intent! 

Ok, on to today's post.

Art Club sent me the Pretty Shiny Things Nail Art Kit to review.  The following is my honest opinion of the product.

Alrighty ladies, lets start by taking a look and what we have here!

So Many Fun Things!!!
I LOVE that they have ideas right there on the front!  It makes you wanna just dive in and get to work!
I also think the packaging is particularly pretty!

Lets take a peek inside, shall we!!!

3 Metalic striper colors
2 sheets of Decals
2 containers of Large "Stones"
1 container of 6 different "Stones"
And an Idea Book!

The possibilities are endless with this kit!  I LOVE Metallics!
What do I say about this kit other than you NEED this in your life?!?!

These babies are so nice and smooth.  One of my major complaints with other stripers is that they can get clumpy and that they can start drying before your done applying them, which results in the color skipping.  NOT with these my dears!  The only thing is that you gotta keep an eye on that wand!  I was so ingrained in what I was painting that I didn't notice that I had a drip coming off the wand.  Luckily I caught it, cause I had on my favorite jeans, and that's where it woulda landed.  This of course is no fault of the striper, simply me not wiping enough excess off!

I love these!!!  I need like a bazillion more sheets!  These things stick so nicely, once you place them they stay, and don't slide around!  You can re-position though, just grab them back up with the tweezers!  The gold dots on the silver designs and the silver dots on the gold designs are slightly raised, but are smooth, like tiny, flat bubbles, so no fear of them catching on anything!  If I HAD to think up a negative I'd have to say that I would like for there to be Silver and Gold decals that were just Silver and just Gold, with no accents of the opposing color. 

These aren't rhinestones per say, I just don't know what else to call them! 
The larger ones in the two individual containers are surprisingly flat!  I was very impressed!  This size applied nicely by just placing a dot of topcoat where I wanted to place it and then picking up the stone with tweezers and setting it on.  Just be sure to press it down with the tweezers to make sure its stuck on nicely!
The other container has 6 different stones. 
-Gold Rhinestone shape
-Silver Rhinestone shape
-Copper Rhinestone shape
-Gold elongated football shape (LOL, no idea what this shape is called)
-Silver elongated football shape
-Silver Stars
 At first I was bummed that the stars didn't come in Gold, but I discovered they are very easily painted with the included stripers, as you can see I did for the star on my Christmas tree.
The Football shape and the stars apply nicely with tweezers, but I discovered a trick to the Rhinestone shape!
If you pull the cotton off the end of a Q-tip, you will find it has a depression at the end of the stick!  Tap this to your tongue for a bit of moisture, and it picks up the stones perfectly!  The top of the stone actually sits up inside the stick!

My camera wouldn't focus enough to capture the indent, sorry!

My only complaint is that I wish the Rhinestone shape ones were as flat as the larger stones in the other containers. 
Here are some ideas I came up with, along with a huge fail and how I fixed it.  Everything you see was done using the things that came in this kit with 3 exceptions! 
Those exceptions are...
-Any Black you see is Wet and Wild "Black Creme", except for the "lacing" which is a Black Stripe Rite.
-Silver Nail was done with China Glaze "Millennium" because I'm a dork and didn't realize 'til later that I coulda used the CG brush and just dipped it in the Silver striper that was included.
-Leopard was stamped using Konad M57 and Konad Special Polish in Black.

On to the Pics!!!

Sorry the silver striper on my middle nail doesn't show well in this pic, it does in reality!
The Thumb is a fail.  But it wasn't at first.
Lemme explain:
I did this mani Friday night.  It all looked PERFECT! And I was in love with that thumb!  Saturday, I was nervously nibbling on my thumb while watching "Angels and Demons" (great movie btw!) and lost the 3 stones at the tip.  I reapplied the next morning and added another coat of top coat.  DO NOT DO THIS!  Thick topcoat HATES these stones.  It catches and builds up on the cuticle side and doesn't apply right on the other side.  Then since it's so thick it bubbles like CRAZY when it dries.  GRRR.
I was so disappointed I redid this last night after we benched and came up with a WAY better method!

Apply 1 coat Wet and Wild "Black Creme"
Apply 1 coat top coat.
Pick up stones, dip in nail glue and place on nail, making sure it gets pressed down firmly!
and look at my thumb now!
No top coat!

I LOVE this!
No bubbling (the light spots you see is reflection)and those stones ain't BUDGING!
I screwed up the first line and had to redo, and practically had to chisel off the stones, which to me is a huge plus, since I'm hard on my nails.  I know without a doubt this will last 'til I change my mani in a few days!

So basically yeah, if you like metallics, RUN, don't walk, and get this kit! 

That's it for today my wonderful readers!
I'll be showing you a makeup look I did Saturday, tomorrow, even though the pics don't do it justice!

Have a Fantastic Day!!!



L said...

Very cool review. Love the studded out nail! Reminds me of a paddle I saw once.

I didnt even get to see your post yesterday. Stupid blogger didnt update you in my blog roll or in google reader. Awesome post!

AllYouDesire said...

I love this. Art Club has great sets, I need to try them once :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool goodies! Bet you'll have fun using them

Unknown said...

Wow gorgeous set and amazing nails!

Shaima812 said...

creative perfect nail art

Arie said...

Great nail designs!

Shayla said...

Thanks for the great review!

And wowza, you are so darned creative with your manis! This is just gorgeous!

nihrida said...


Trincess said...

Soo gorgeous! My question is, where is this kit available?

rijaH said...

Really awesome designs :D

Lisa H said...

Love the thumb that looks like a corset...too cute!!!

Himi said...

i saw this before but didn't think much of it as it is all metallics, but actually now i see it on your nail i want it TT so nice~

Lucy said...

What amazing looks on each finger. I can barely paint my nails and you come out with these! I love, love, love the thumb nail. I have to get this kit for the decals alone. I bought some Christmas decals but they ripped before I even got them off the sheet. I didn't care for them anyway once I got a few on. I love each look you've done. Gorgeous sweetie! It makes me so excited to see all the looks you've done. Big hugs and kisses for these lovelies!

Anonymous said...

Love everything, but more so the thumb. Thanks for sharing the topcoat tip. I've had that same problem with top coat bubbling and clumping over nail bling, it's good to know the solution.