Thursday, January 14, 2010

Answers and Questions

Good Morning Lovelies!

Did my title confuse you since it seems backwards?

First I wanna answer some questions I have gotten recently!

- I was asked what the name of the polish was that I used HERE.  The Rose Chrome color was Pure Ice "Outrageous"

- I was also asked where one might be able to purchase that kick-butt Pretty Shiny Things Kit from Art Club...the only place I was able to fine it was at Victoria Nail Supply, Click HERE to go straight to Art Clubs kits!

Ok, I thought there were more but I'm drawing a blank...If you asked a question and I haven't responded, feel free to call me out in the comments section, LOL!

Now for the question portion...
2 things...

1 - twice now I have had issues applying my acylics and I hope someone can help me.  (I've tred searching for the answer and cant find it)  I applied my acrylic and once it was dry and hardened I noticed it was cloudy and almost looked foamy.  The first time this happened it was cold when I applied them and figured that was the culprit.  Saturday I applied fresh acrylic and it did it again.  It's very fragile as well and is chipping off in chunks and not sticking to the tips I have down, and yes I prepped them very well.  Any ideas???

2 - I'm not sure why; maybe not feeling so hot, maybe lack of sleep, maybe lack of free time, maybe all three; but recently I've been in a bit of a rut, creatively.  I don't even have the desire to mess with them, GRRR.  Makeup wise, I'm the same way!  I have a mani I am currently sporting that you'll see tomorrow, even though it's banged up now(I'll explain tomorrow), and have another idea, thanks to a lovely and talented individual, who thought outside of the box, so I'm copying her!  LOL

But yeah, I'm kinda at a loss, is where I'd like your help!

I would like everyone (who wants to) to leave a request in the comments section as to what you'd like to see me do next!  It can be makeup or nails.  Makeup wise I only ask that you request color combos or styles, not particular products, since I am cheap and don't have any MAC Urban Decay etc.

Nail wise it can be anything!  In case you want something Konad-centric, I'll list the plate numbers I own:

And Fauxnad plates
( think those are the ones I have, I cant remember and the pic I have handy is small!)

So help me out!
Lemme know what you wanna see.  My hope is that it gets the creative juices flowing!

Thanks Guys!

Have a great day!


P.S.   I want THIS, like, yesterday!!! seriously, go look at this thing, scroll all the way down and look at the designs!


Susie said...

I'm thinking of buying the last four Konad plates that you list that you have. It would be great to see your nails done with any of these. :)
Thanks and love your blog,

L said...

How old is your product? I was having that issue and I had been using the same brand as you. I switched acrylic brands though.

I would love to see you do a smokey eye with a red lip. That is hotness and especially with your style. Yes!
Nailswise, Id like to see you do something totally girlie with flowers maybe LMAO. I think you would rock it.

Also Id like to know more about powerlifting. Is there a book that you could recommend I read?

Anonymous said...

Love to see something from m57 done I want that plate so bad! next time I keep telling myself! ummm you know not only does the barbie thing do those but I think it does images of your computer too like whatever you have it can resize and do it! I had to look away from getting that one! ~Patricia~

Anonymous said...

It sounds like its a problem with the acrylic you're using not user error. I'd switch product. (I'm a cosmetologist, feel free to email me w/ specific questions). my info is on Scandalously Polished blog :)

Personally, I would LOVE to see some holo kondaicures with the higher number plates...m63, those kind. Idk why, but I have a serious crush on holo konad manis.

konADDICT said...

1st.... my sister called me immediately about the barbie thing! way too cool. but it only prints up to 1/2, if you have long nails.... i wonder how much the replacements ink cartridges are? but yes, totally cool. you could upload images too! that's pretty cool.

anyhow, with the acrylic...sometimes if you are putting too much liquid on the brush, when you pick u the powder, it gets "foamy" with air bubbles. Try not to totally saturate the brush, give it a good wipe off before dipping into don't want wet loose ball. not only will it run, it will have air bubbles, and be cloudy. with respect to the tips...maybe you are putting to much primer on the tips? don't make them too wet. about some valentines nails... i have already done a few...( ill post in my blog after feb starts) but they are fun and silly....

Unknown said...

I pm'd a fab nail tech pal of mine and she said it's old product causing your woes.

I would love to see a rockabilly mani...a nice retro feel with some konad.

Anonymous said...

Christy I hope you get out of that rut soon, you are such an inspiration! I second the request for February manis. It's that time of year and any help I get towards feeling a little more loving, would go a long way. Thanks again so, so much.

shortwidenails said...

I have so many questions to ask you

unfortunately I can't help you with your questions since I am very new with nails

1. For plate M73 I use the flower swirl pattern a lot but I cant find any fun ways to use the music/ wave dot etc ones. even for the piano music all I can think of is white nails and black. do you have any ideas?

2. do you have any make up ideas that do not involve putting anything on the lower lid. no eyeliner on the lower water line or no eyeshadow on the bottom. I love your looks and I save a bunch of pictures but my eye is shaped so that everytime I put something on the lower part of my eye/ water line it smudges. It has something to do with how I fold my eye. so when I follow your looks and ignore putting make up on the bottom part of the eye waterline are it looks odd. lower lash line....I really like lining my entire eye but it just doesn't work for me. so there some nice eye looks that you can think of that does not involve putting eyeshadow/ liner on the bottom of the eye? I hope this question makes sense.

3. I asked nihrida about this but she's not a glitter person and I know you have quite a bit of glitter nail polish. I really want to invest in dense rainbow glitter nail polish. like Mad As A Hatter opi. do you know any good ones? i've never bought rainbow glitter nailpolish b4..well i have always wanted it but I just haven't been able to find it.