Monday, January 25, 2010

Lippmann Funky Chunky Review

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today I have a Review for ya!

Lippmann sent me Funky Chunky to review.  They asked what I might wanna take a look at, and I named a few, Funky Chunky being one of them, because it just intrigues me!  Sadly, it's the only one I was sent.

I had the idea that while most think it might not look good after multiple coats( I actually don't mind it a bit like that), maybe it would look good for layering!  I know Deborah Lippmann has commented that she intended this to be worn in a single coat, and while I think we can all agree that might not be the best option, I thought, well, maybe layered over a bright polish?  Let's take a look!

I started out with 5 nice bright polishes:

Thumb- China Glaze "Turned up Turquoise"
Index - China Glaze "China Rogue"
Middle - Sinful Colors "Dream On"
Ring - Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Lickety Split Lime"
Pinkie - China Glaze "Millennium"

Now, After 1 Coat of Funky Chunky:

The pinkie looks great, I think, but, where are all the sequins?  My Index didn't get 1!
I think it would look AWESOME like this if 2 things were different. 
1 - More Sequins
2 - Less Streaky
But, I'm not a pro applicator like some out there.

Let's try another coat shall we?
Again, the pinkie looks pretty good!
But the others, ehhh...
I think the ring finger looks like a dark pickle!

Now, let's see it on it's own:

Pinkie and Ring have 1 coat
Middle and Index have 2 coats
Thumb has 3 coats.

So basically here's my final thought.  Try to get a nice even 1 coat over a metallic, it's quite nice! 
Otherwise, maybe I need to thin it down with some clear to make it alittle less streaky, that way 1 coat over a bright may work. 
I really like the concept of this polish!  I am wondering if they went back and re-formulated this, cause alot of the other swatches I have seen of 2 or 3 coats, the nail was just packed with sequins, and my thumb at 3 coats only had 4 sequins I think.  I  wish I would have gotten other polishes along with this to review, cause I have heard so many great things about Lippmann.  I'll pick up a few one of these days! 

I plan on playing with this more, I just ran out of time the other night.  I'll try a few more tricks and let you guys know how they work out.

So in closing, I think this looks good at 3 coats!  Either do to a re-do with less sequins, or my poor application.  I also think 1 nice even coat looks sweet over a metallic!

Try it out, you may like it!

Have a great day!



Lippmann sent me this polish, free of charge, in exchange for an HONEST review.


Paige said...

That polish kind of looks terrible when there aren't at least three coats. I am disappointed in the lack of sequins as well.

Unknown said...

I love you Christy but I still think Funky chunky is just plain ugly. There are so many issue with it that it just is so wrong.
LOL @ the dark really does look like that!

Laura said...

Sorry gotta agree with Evil Angel ^ that polish looks wrong in general on everybody. But great in the bottle! Thanks for confirming my thoughts though ;)

polishedlyrics said...

I agree with the other ladies. I wish it would have worked for you though!

But hey your skittles look great!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

whoa - what was that? I agree with all the others. :/

Polish'd Cindy said...

Wow, thanks for showing this. I would be upset if I spent the $$$ and then had this outcome.

nihrida said...

No nail polish is worth this kind of trouble with thinning, applying... Let's face it: it's one of the worst nail polish ever. Right next to their Happy Birthday ''clown barf'' and OPI's Mad As A Hatter.

Unknown said...

Not quite impressed with it. I think only one coat is a bad idea :/

Shayla said...

You definitely had a neat idea for this polish...but BLEH. I'm sorry Deborah Lippmann, I would never spend my money on this polish :(

Thanks for the swatching, Christy!

Brooke said...

Is it just me or do the "chunks" look smaller to? Seems like they seemed much larger in other pictures I'd seen.

Lucy said...

I still think this polish is crap! I was going to try what you've done but I'm not going to waste my time. I don't know what else to do with it. I hope someone has an idea. Deborah emailed me back to tell me how to apply it and said it was a fashion look. I think it's an ugly look. I just think it's a horrible mistake. The one coat is hideous. I know it's not meant to be loaded with sequins but how about some even base color. Thank you for your experiment. (((big hugs)))

Perles & Paillettes said...

Wow, the idea was good but the result is crap :( I also have this kind of problem with a clear/big glitters polish, I can only get one or two glitters on the nails, event with 3 coats >< They should reformulate it !

deltacephei said...