Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

Sorry this is so late!  I've been so swamped I never even took a lunch.  I'm now taking a 15 mintue break just so I can post something for ya!

First of all, my hair color didn't come out as planned, the color (which will remain a secret for now) came out way too dark and you cant tell what tint it has.  This will hopefully be remedied by this weekend!  As soon as it is, you will see it, PROMISE!!!

Ok, on to today's post!

I meant to post this on Jan 1st since I know so many people make Resolutions to lose weight.
I just wanted to give you alittle encouragement cause I know how it can be!

For years I tried to lose weight,not only because I had terrible self esteem but also because I wanted to do things I couldn't and to be comfortable doing things and not constantly pulling at my clothes making sure they weren't stuck in a roll or something.  I tried not eating(not good btw, great way to wreck your metabolism), I tried every diet known to man.  Vegetarian, low fat, slim fast, protein shakes only, etc etc, nothing worked well.  We were spending 2 to 3 hours in the gym 5 days a week lifting a TON of weigh!  I even ate cleanly too!  Lots of lean protein, lots of fruit and veggies, whole grains, the whole nine yards.  It got to a point that I was sick of busting my butt in the gym and being crazy strong, but not looking the part!  I wanted the muscle I has worked so hard to put on to show!  To me, muscular sculpted arms and thick muscular legs on a girl are very sexy!  And I had that!  But it was hiding under all this fat!  I finally started doing research on, an online community of powerlifters, body builders and athletes (professional and average joes)alike.  I discovered that I fall into a category of those who are Carb Sensitive.  My body basically doesn't know what to do with Carbs, so it stores them!  After a bunch of research I set out to start the Anabolic diet.  This diet was written by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale, has 2 versions, The Metabolic Diet and The Anabolic Diet.  The Metabolic diet is for those who work out simply to be healthy.  The Anabolic Diet is for those who train to do a sport and want to not only retain alot of muscle but also add muscle.  The best part of this diet is that you get a carb-up once a week!  This, to me, has meant everything!  Rather than watch Rob have icecream and think "I can't eat that anymore!"  I know that while I may not be able to have it now, I can have it on Saturday!  And that does wonders for your sanity!  I highly suggest you look into it, It has changed my life!

I would like to address a few things that I have learned and that I hear alot, that frustrate me.
-You cannot out train a bad diet!  Diet is at least 75% of the battle.
-Have a cheat day!  Regardless of your diet, weather low carb, low fat or whatever, give yourself a day off, or at least a meal off.  Not only will this keep you sane, but it will also boost your metabolism!
-Don't forget the protein!  Protein makes your metabolism burn hotter and longer!  Try to eat .5grams of protein for every pound of body weight, or if your train, make that 1 gram per pound of body weight.
-Try to avoid Soy!  I know it's everywhere, but if you do some research you will see it's not all it's cracked up to be!  It actually acts like a Estrogen in your body, which is why guys should avoid it like the plague!
-Lift weights!  Don't just do cardio!  If you lift weights your body will continue to burn calories even after you stop!  I PROMISE if you lift you will not look like the She-male profession female body builder!  I like to think I'm proof of that!
-You cannot spot reduce!  It's impossible to lose weight in just one area!  Sorry, I too wish this wasn't true, but it is :(
-You can't crunch your way to flat abs!  It takes a combo of strengthening AND fat loss to have a nice flat belly.  (One of these days I'll lose enough to have a flat belly!)
-Start small!  Don't run out and starts some crazy diet!  Start by just eating cleaner!  Lean Protein, Veggies, Fruits, Whole Grains only!  (Quinoa is AMAZING)
-Eat Protein with every meal
And Lastly...
-Little known fact...Your body responds better to carbs in the morning and fats at night!  Eat accordingly!

If you can't tell, I absolutely LOVE nutrition!  It's another passion of mine!  Me and Rob make a great team this way cause people will come to us for advise and he can make up a lifting plan for them and I can do their nutrition plan!

I figure I'll leave you with some pictures I'm proud of.


Summer 2007                             Late Spring 2009
Rob took these mid pressdown

Summer 2008                               Late Spring 2009
Taken mid pulldown by Rob, again.

Yeah, he likes taking pics of me while we are lifting!  LOL

If you have any questions at all, leave a comment and I'll respond!

Well that's all for today!

Sorry if I bored you to tears!

Have a great day!!!




Brooke said...

Woot, look at you hot mama! I think you looked great in the before and after pics, personally.

I know I need to start a diet, but I just looooove food to much it is hard for me to give up!

Stiletto said...

Girl! no you dont!
you look FABULOUS!

But thank you!
It's nice to know that Rob thought I was hot then!
thanks again sweetie!

Abbie said...

Oh my god! Well done hun.. you look absolutly fab!
I think you look great in both of the before and after pictures

I lost 2 stone at the start of '09 but then i've gradually put a stone back on :( which i'm really determind to loose this year because i felt so good and got lots of compliments at that weight!

Thanks for this post, very informative :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Christy, if it were not for the tattoos I would have thought those were two different women! You made great progress, though I think you're sexy either way.

Phyrra said...

I wish you could help me train! I would love to look as fit as you do!

Unknown said...

Wow! Congratulation on your amazing progress! :) I have heard of that anabolic diet and that it is quite difficult to keep :) I have tried it too but with some alterations (carbs in the morning and no day off) and it really works! :)

Unknown said...

Daaaayum Christy, You got's the curves! lol
Honestly I would be thrilled to look like your before picture!
Is that sad?
I love you and I am so glad you found a good plan that is working well!

. said...

omg Christy you are so hardcore! o_O *mad impressed*

Colette said...

You are looking great! I think this is the 3rd year in a row losing weight has been a resolution. I always make some progress, but not as much as I know I'd be able to if I really got my butt in gear LOL. Keep up the good work!

Perles & Paillettes said...

You're looking great ! I need to loose weight, I started a diet some weeks ago, I don't private myself of anything but I stopped to eat too much sugar or fats, and it works nice ^^ And I do the same as you on saturdays, this helps me a lot keeping motivation for the diet days :D

nihrida said...

WOW! You look great! Do you ever eat any carbs? I'm totally addicted to them. =/

Stiletto said...

Thanks hun! And Congrats to you! Weight loss can be a pain!

Your such a sweetie! Thank you!

Wow! Thanks! Now sure I've ever been called fit! You made my day!
And I'd love to train ya!

I actually find it very easy to follow. especially compared to other diets! But I guess easy is all relative! Thanks!

You are so sweet! Thanks hun! And I think you look GREAT!

Wow! Thanks!

Thanks sweetie! And slow ans steady wins the race I think. Don't put too much pressure on yourself! Your making progress toward health and thats all that matters!

YAY! Congrats! doesn't the cheat day make it easier?! I love my cheat day! And thanks!

Thanks hun! Your such a sweetie! Yes ma'am, I eat carbs on Saturdays! It actually also refills my glycogen stores so I can lift better! So not only am i eating yummy carbs, but I'm doin my muscles good! YAY!

Shayla said...

Wow, look at the progress you've made! I found this post ridiculously informative. I want to check out that, because I got the idea not long ago to join some kind of forum, haha.

You're definitely a motivation to me. My only kicker at this point is that I need to come up with a weight plan that works well for me. Easier said than done, since I don't know that much!

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

Your progress is awesome! I have a close friend that is a figure model. Her husband does competitions. Their dedication is awesome! They introduced me to lifting. I lost weight and toned up by lifting weights.. I LOVE lifting weights. You are right though. Diet matters! I need to eat clean again. I've fallen WAY off the wagon! I think your post has made a HUGE change in me! I think I'm going to get out my lifting gloves.

I'm going to check out these links.

Seriously, I think your pics have made me want to finish up what I started last year. THANK YOU! (fyi I was quoted in one of Tosca Reno's books!!)

Unknown said...

Congrats...on the new you! Hot bod and fab nails...I'm scared of you! Keep up the good work!

Lucy said...

Than you Christy for posting your pictures and all the information. Your beautiful both ways! Your a curvy doll. I've been on diets forever. Been on lots of them. I had my metabolism screwed up from birth I believe. When I was born the doctor said my eyes were almond and I probably had a low thyroid. I was put on thyroid medication till I was 5. Another doctor took me off and I gained weight in three months. I didn't even look like the same kid. I'm on Weight Watchers now and I can have what I want but watch the amounts. I was doing great but feel off the wagon in November. I haven't eaten this many cookies or candy in a very long time. I have to start back on it. I've lost 85 pounds and sadly have much more to go. I just have to do some sort of exercise. I have to find something to do where I can sit. I have really bad knees and back. I know losing this weight has helped me some. Your really an inspiration and thanks for the information.

Anonymous said...

I've just joined your blog recently but I am going to dive right in and say you look awesome! What an inspiration. I am starting weight lifting again with my hubby next week and boy have you given me some motivation. Great post!

Dani said...

Wow, that is amazing. Those pictures. I like how your husband took pictures of you, that's sweet. I would be very interested in a blog on healthy eating and weight loss and exercise. All these tips are great. To be honest, I've seen your blog before and haven't really subscribed or anything, because I can only look at so much Konad. I suppose I could just find another blog/website that would help with the exercise and the nutrition, but your pictures are so inspiring and I love how personable you are and how open you are about your actual life, not just nails. I actually love to workout, but I just can't get motivated to get up and go do it. I'll check back and see if you add anything more, and I'll continue to read Polish Off for cooking, which I've started to do more of with my new pots and pans.

L said...

Okay, you look amazing. Im so late to this but I have to ask. What is powerlifting exactly? Husband has several body builder friends who keep telling me I should do this or become a bodybuilder(women body builders scare me).