Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pink and Black Eye Look

Good Morning Lovelies!

I planned to have polish pics to show you today, but sadly I kinda flaked out and forgot to transfer them to my thumb drive last night!  So I looked to see what I hadn't shown you yet, and found this makeup look I did a while back.  It's odd, I look so pale in the pics!  Odd lighting I guess!

For this look I used my Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer Palette, for the pink and white.  I used the black from an E.L.F. smoky eye quad.

Just like every other time I use color, I started with a base of NYX Jumbo eye stick in Milk, after applying my base, UDPP.

I then applied a nice bright magenta pink to the lid and outer 3/4 of the lower lid.
Then I added black to the crease and blended upward.
I applied black liner to the outer 2/3 of my upper lid, making it thick at the corner and tapering off to nothing toward the inside.  I did the same for the lower lid, then went over than with a thin pencil brush dipped in black shadow to smoke it out a bit.
Then, as always, I tightlined and added liner to my water lines and set it with black shadow.
Lastly I used a pencil brush to add a white shadow to the tear duct area and blended that into the pink on the upper and lower lids.  This also was used for the highlight just under my brow.
Add mascara and done!

LOL, I look crosseyed!

Apparently I didn't take a full face shot, sorry!

This worked out wonderfully....I also wanted to let everyone know about a contest going on over at AllYouDesire!  It's a Pink Giveaway!  Go HERE to enter!  Fab prizes!!!

That's all for today my dears!

Hope you have a great day!



Colette said...

Love the look - I have an unofficial resolution to learn more & get better with makeup this year, you inspire me =)

L said...

That's pretty.I need to get up and hook myself up today. No energy.

Unknown said...

I like this one a lot, if I wasn't in a state of coma I would put some makeup on too...but I'm too sleeeeepyyyyyyyyyy!

Stiletto said...

Awww thank you so much hun!!! You are so sweet!

I feel ya girl!
and thank ya!

It's something in the air! I swear, everyone I know is like a walking zombie, myself included!
and thanks!

Lisa Kate said...

You look sooo gorgeous! I love it! Your brows are insane. I wish I could have dark brows like yours XD

nihrida said...

Gorgeous look!

AllYouDesire said...

Your eyes are so beautiful! Hope you do more posts like this :)

Brooke said...

Love the pink! I like how it is kind of hidden until you close your eye a little bit. Nice :)

Shayla said...

Ooooo purdy! You have such pretty eyes :D

Perles & Paillettes said...

I love that look ! I love to wear pink and purle on my eyes ;)
Today I wear something similar in black and teal. I should try your look as soon as possible :p

Jenny$1983 said...

I love this! I hardly wear pink as it doesn't suit me but I might steal this and use Urban Decay's Fishnet. You really know how to design your makeup to make the most of your eye shape, so beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

This is GORGEOUS!!! Wish I could see it in real life!

Lucy said...

Your liner looks amazing. I always forget to set the waterline with shadow. Great idea since the liner disappeares. Love the look. Your lashes are amazing.