Friday, January 22, 2010

A HUGE Thank You to a Sweet Blogger

Good Morning lovelies!

So...Last week or so, (the days are getting away from me)  I got a sweet package in the mail!  Brooke, aka, The Worlds Sweetest Girl, and my sister from another mister, sent me some fun stuff! 

I am a little late getting this up obviously!  So, Sorry for the delay!

Take a gander at the awesome goodies:

This little sweetheart got me a long time lemming...SCRANGIE!!!! 
Combine that with awesome glitter polish, awesome Insta-dri's that ROCK with Konad, yummy lip gloss and my fav scent shower jell and lotion, and I was on cloud 9!
She heard I couldn't take advantage of the Rescue Beauty Lounge sale, so she got me the polish I wanted, isn't she the greatest!

But WAIT, there's more!

Cupcake Ornaments!!!!
I drooled over these when she made them, and she knew how much I liked them and sent me a batch!
How obnoxiously sweet is she?!?!
I am SOOOO having a Candy Christmas tree next year!

But...What's that in the background of these pics....

Cuteness OVERLOAD!!!!
(yes, I cut my head off, makeup after 14 hours isn't pretty)

I've been wanting a retro apron for a while now and this just ROCKS!!!

So yeah, Brooke, girl, You ROCK!  So completely sweet I can't say thank you enough!

Oh, and that apron is SOOOOO making an appearance next time I do a pin-up photo shoot!
It goes PERFECTLY with the rose and skull hair clip I won way back when in EvilAngel's Giveaway!

That's it for today my lovely readers!

If you can bare with me another week, I'll have some good stuff coming your way!  I plan to make the first 2 weeks of February All Valentine's Mani's! 

Have a great day!!!




Unknown said...

What a great package! That apron is to die for!

Paige said...

That package is fabulous! Those cupcake ornaments are so cute!

Brooke said...

Hey there girl! So glad you liked all the goodies!! Just wanted to let you know incase anyone was interested, I got the apron from an Etsy shop, here is a link:
They were really awesome, a great place to order from.

Hopefully you will get a little time this weekend to slow down and take a breath! :) Love ya sis

polishedlyrics said...

Great package! Brooke is quite the doll! Enjoy your new goodies.

Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

That apron! *dies*

KatieCouturexo said...

omg that was the nicest special package ever! the cupcake ornaments are ADORABLE!! and the apron..TO-DIE-FOR!

nihrida said...

WOW! Love the apron! =)

L said...

How very cool and sweet!

~Lisa said...

How sweet!! I love the cupcakes, their soo cute!! And are Insta-Dries really good for Konad?? Because I'd love to try them if so!!

Arie said...

How cute is all she send you!
Brooke you are the best sister from another father! ^_^

jo.frougal said...

Wow, congratulations, you deserve it and that Brooke is one wonderful gal! What was that again-- "give, and it shall be given you, pressed down, shaken together, running down all over?"

Lucy said...

That apron is amazing. You look adorable, even headless! I love those ornaments, they look delicious. Your so right that Brooke is the sweetest. Have fun with all your goodies.