Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Color Club Polishes Review

Good Morning Lovelies!

Sorry I have been M.I.A.

Friday I was so slammed busy I could barely remember to breathe.  Then I started not feeling well over the weekend and only worked half a day yesterday, cause I felt crap-tastic!
I still feel like I'm running on empty, despite getting decent sleep last night.  I considered taking the day off since I have taken all of 6 or 7 sick days in the almost 6 years I've been with the company I work for, but I have so much to do, I just can't afford a day at home, sleeping.  That and I felt like a wimp, since Rob didn't feel like he got any sleep either, and was going in to work an 8 hour shift, on concrete, floors, running around like a chicken with his head cut off, like usual.  I mean really, I get to sit in a chair all day!  If he can work, I think I can manage!

Ok, back on target Christy!

Today I have some random polishes that Color Club sent me for review!  It's like they read my mind!  These are all very "me" polishes!  Let's take a look shall we!

Pictures are in no particular order.

Catwalk Queen

Indoor lighting


Natural Lighting (beside window)

The Flash picture is the more color accurate of all the pics.  It's what I would consider a "Wine-Purple"
Really beautiful color!  This is 3 coats I believe, but was done a few weeks ago, so can't remember for sure.


Natural Lighting (beside window)

It's really a shame I only had 1 mediocure picture of this!  I tried to get more pics, but this one and a super blurry one were the only ones where it didn't come out looking straight blue.  It's tied as my favorite of the bunch.  This color is RIDICULOUS!   It's a Blurple, with Magenta and Blue shimmer bits....SOOO PRETTY!
I think this was 3 coats as well! 

Groove Thang

Natural Lighting (beside window)


Indoor lighting

Groove Thang is an awesome color!  Sadly though it does look black under dimmer indoor lighting.  But if that flash pic is any indication of what it would look like in the sun, WOAH!  Look out shimmer! 
Again, I'm not 100% but this was either 2 or 3 coats.

Killer Curves

Natural Lighting (beside window)

Indoor Lighting

Killer Curves...GREAT name!  This color was the one I was most disappointed with!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color itself, but it required 4 coats to be even and not streaky, Something I've never encountered with Color Club, so I wonder if I got a defective bottle or something.  I meant to snap a pic of it at 1 coat, such a gorgeous berry-wine color!  But seriously, super pretty.  Pic is of 3 coats, cause I got lazy!


Indoor (halogen) Lighting

Natural Lighting (beside window)

Ahhhhh, Revvvolution!  A long LONG time lemming satisfied!   I actually asked for this color as a gift when it came out, and Rob got me all the other I asked for but this!  It was sold out!  So I was squealing like a kid when I opened the package and saw it!  It's even better in real life!  PERFECTION!  2 coats!

Rule Breaker


Rule Breaker...Oh how I love thee!  This polish is seriously amazing!  In the bottle i thought "hmm...pretty"  but on the nail, look out!  It's gorgeous!  and no, I don't remember how many coats, but my best guess is 2 or 3.  I remember 1 coaters and over 3 coaters!

Yes, sadly that is the only one I was able to swatch in the sun!  This thing called the sun has been in hiding for so long it's sad, and when it does show its lovely beautiful face, it tends to be when I am at work, or so busy with something I cant drop everything and go swatch!

I finally got tired of waiting for it to show up on the weekend so I could swatch these, and just did it with the bright cloudy sky I had to work with!  I'm Sorry!  I'll try to re-swatch these for ya at a later, more sunny date!

As I said, I got these from the company, for free, for review, but you can get them at any number of online e-tailers like head2toebeauty.com or 8ty8beauty.com.

That's it for today ladies!

Hope you have a great day!




Anonymous said...

Catwalk Queen is a gorgeous polish! So is Rule Breaker.

Hopefully you start to feel better soon :)

L said...

They are all gorgeous. Was just thinking about you and poof! Here ya are!
Have an awesome day.

Polish and Powder said...

some fabulous colours there, gotta love revvvolution, Im lemming that one too...

polishedlyrics said...

Revvvolution is gorgeous! I love the whole Feel the Beat Collection.

nihrida said...

I agree. Every single polish is very ''you''. I like them all. =)

Unknown said...

Wow! I love every single one of these. Very vampy!

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

Hope you feel 100% soon!

These swatches are amazing!! :)

Emma said...

ahh...rule breaker is GORGEOUS!!!

Paige said...

Those are so pretty! I hope that you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Christy I hope you feel better soon! I also hope those colors lift up your spirits because they are just so incredibly gorgeous!!!

Lucy said...

These are all "so you"! I have Revvolution and Electronica. Love them both. I really like Color Club polish. They make wonderful glitter polishes. Hope your feeling better. I've been feeling lousy off and on all week. I just wonder if it's the miserable weather and time of the year. Feel better sweetie.