Thursday, May 6, 2010

Did Ya Miss Me?

Hello Lovelies!

I am grabbing a few minutes to do a quick post!  YAY!
I miss doing this alot, and I really hope things slow down a bit soon, so I can get back at this like I used to be!

Ok, today I am bringing you a special FUN mani I did last week!

I'm currently stuck on the accent nail thing, so bare(bear? bare?) with me!

I stated with 3 coats of Nubar "Violet Sparkle" (Thanks Ange!!!) on all fingers but the ring!
Then on the ring I did 2 coats of Sinful "Irish Green" a neon grassy green, topped with 1 coat of Sinful "Happy Ending".    Putting Irish Green on first darkens the Happy Ending and makes it the EXACT color green I've been looking for to match a car I see every year in Ocean City! (I'll show ya a bad pic of it below!

Then I broke out the Konad!  I used Special Black polish to stamp M45 on the tips at an angle.
Sadly the camera wouldn't pick up the pretty Blurple and almost Magenta sparkles this polish puts off!
And the green TOTALLY confused the camera, it was darker.
blurred slightly for more sparkle!
the green is closer to real life, but not quite!

Here's the car:
Click to make big and look at the color in the circle.
THAT is the color the car actually is, and the color of that polish combo!

Well, that's it for today my wonderful readers!
I'll pop in real quick tomorrow to tell you where I am going this weekend!  SO EXCITING!!!



Saori said...

Great mani, original with these 2 colors !!! Wonderful green !!
Happy to see you nails !!

L said...

Yay! Cute mani and that car??? OMG I want!

Anonymous said...

*LOVE* the nails. the car.

nihrida said...

That's one funky mani! And I love the car, thanks for posting photo of it! =)

Perles & Paillettes said...

Gorgeous manicure ! I love the color combo :)

Unknown said...

Looks beautiful! Fantastic colours.

Anonymous said...

I've browsed through all of your posts today (oops, 1 am already..yesterday, then)..totally worth the exhaustion! Very glad to see a beautiful and creative (if that counts as 'depth') woman :) I feel inspired to do all sorts of artsy things now, thank you!

ThRiSzHa said...

as always u made an awesome mabi!! MIss u sweety

Taki J said...

Fabulous, love how you angled the Konad.