Monday, May 24, 2010

Cruisin' Ocean City Recap Part 1

Good Morning Lovelies!

WOW!  What an awesome time we had in Ocean City!  I have SO MUCH to show you!  So much in fact I am gonna have to break it up over at least 3 days!  I have over 30 car pics alone to show you!
Today I will cover the cars, then Nails and Polish haul tomorrow, then places we love to go in OC, in case any of you ever decide to go for vacation or otherwise, and Outfits, cause I thought it would be fun to share those too!

So without further prepared for massive awesomeness overload!   Click to make BIG....and be'll take a bit to load!

 I'm gonna start with the Rat Rod.  Because they are my Favorite.  Rat Rods are (usually) rusty, pieced-together cars.  I actually started thinking this weekend about why I love the Rat Rod so much, and I think I figured it out.  It's the fact that there is no "right" way to build a Rat Rod.  Anything goes!  It's the ultimate creative outlet!  Every one has touches that no other Rat Rod has!  Here are my FAV's from this weekend!

Yes, that's a Pabst can, being used as an overflow tank!  LOVE IT!

Now...The shiney pretties:
I've decided I HAVE to have this interior for my '63 Fairlane!

General Lee!

Why yes, that IS a 4-wheel drive '57 Chevy!

Super Modified Bug!!!


And now, a few oddballs:

MASSIVE truck!

Coolest. Bike. EVER!

This little car was just ADORABLE!  See that Key looking piece sticking out of the back?  It spun as they drove!  TOO CUTE!

I've got more car pics, but I am in them, so I'll show they to you in the outfit post on Wednesday!

Hope you enjoyed all the pretties!
Have a great day!


L said...

Dude! I need the pink car and that animal print interior. These pics are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

i really think the pabst can is my favey fave!!!! (says something about me i'm sure). LOVE this! looks like so much fun!

nihrida said...

Now THAT's a LOT of eye candy. =D I can't even pick my favorite.

Bunny Masseuse said...

UGH! I have a shirt still from 2006 from that weekend and have STILL yet to make it down there in person! All I get is others bringing me back pictures and souvenirs and it's not the same :(

Must get down for the Crabcake Factory!

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

Fun!!! I can't wait to enter our first show with our truck. I love car shows. :) Do you ever come out to the west coast shows?

polishedlyrics said...

Beautiful Cars! I can't pick a fave either! Glad you had a good time!

amanda said...

love love love ocean city, i go the last week of september every year for a volkswagen show. was just talking to a co-worker about fried oreos today too, mmm, can't wait to hit the boardwalk. also, if you have never been to mother's cantina you're missing out! hosted a tattoo G2G there last year, was my favorite part of the whole trip.

Unknown said...

I love cars!@.. and I thoroughly enjoyed the pics!

Lucy said...

Love all the car pics. Some amazing paint jobs. I just love the flames, the yellow cars, purple truck and that interior! Crazy cars.