Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cruisin' Ocean City Part 2: The Nails and the Haul!

Good Morning Lovelies!

Ok, ready to see the nails I sported for the weekend?

Before I show you, keep a few things in mind...I did these off of my nails and glued them on once we arrived.  It would have taken WAY too long to do them, then wait for them to dry, to do them on myself!  Plus it made painting WAY easier!  My thumbs and middle finger nails wound up being longer than I wanted(due to the image I put on it), which was even more glaring considering I accidentally cut my ring finger nail on my right hand WAY to short!  For some nails I decoupaged an image out of a catalog onto my nail, for others I free handed.  TRUST me, you can see easily which is which!  The middle fingers were done the same way I did them for the Wicked Vixen mani, except this time I used shimmery paints!

Thumb: Rat Fink from a Moon Eyes Catalog
Index: Mr Horsepower from a Moon Eyes Catalog
Middle: WV logo used as stencil, sponged flame, hand painted 8ball
Ring: Hand painted V8
Pinkie: Hand painted Cherries (was sad at how this turned out)

Thumb: Lady Luck from a Moon Eyes Catalog
Index: 1320 Speed & Kustom Logo (our business)  Shoulda used a brighter red and off white letters!
Middle: WV logo used as stencil, sponged flame, (poorly)hand painted dice
Ring: Moon Eyes Logo and lettering from Moon Eyes Catalog
Pinkie:  Route 66 sign from Moon Eyes Catalog

And how...The Haul!

First we stopped at Ulta on the way up and I grabbed these:
Not color accurate at ALL!
Shake your Blue-ty  & Blue-Mmmm

Then I ran into a CVS to grab more makeup remover and about passed out when I found this:
Top Row:  Bora Bora & Kauai
Bottom Row: Milani "I'm Online",  W&W's "Barbados", "Cabana", and "Sumatra" and Milani "2.0"

Then, Rob and I were cruisin by an outlet mall type dealie and I spotted a sign..."5Below" !  
I about jumped outa the car right then and there!  FUNKY FINGERS!
Moonwalk(black with holo glitter)
Hyperi (purple with gold iridescent glitter)
Bella's Boy (Aqua with gold iridescent glitter)

L.A. Girls Rockstar "Groupie"  Oh how I have wanted this polish!
Alice (gorgeous blue foil)
Jester (purple scattered holo!)
Boubon St. (Pink, Orange, Copper, Gold multichrome!)

That's it for today my wonderful readers!

Tomorrow I'll share a few more car pics (the ones I was in), The outfits I sported(just cause it's something a little different from the norm) and a few places I HIGHLY recommend visiting if you are ever in Ocean City!!!

Have a great day!



schmut said...

I love the nails. Greaser-nails in a way you'd never expect.
I have always wanted to do a pinstriping design on mine, but that's too tricky for my thick fingers

L said...

Your nails look great. Awesome haul!

Mae Espiritu Makeup Obra said...

yay nice nails and nice hauls!
love your mani.. you rock!

Unknown said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I absolutely LOVE this mani!!! It is awesome!!! You are ridiculously talented. wow. LOVE the route 66 nail - that's my favorite!!! Hope OC was great :D was it OC, MD?

Unknown said...

Bows to your awesomeness!

Stiletto said...

Thanks hun! U can TOTALLY do pinstriping, just choose simple designs! check out the ones i did here:

Thanks sweetie!

Art of Nail,
Thanks hun!

Awww thanks babe! Ur too sweet! And yup! Ocean City Maryland! We'll be back there in October!

Stiletto said...

Evil Angel,
WOW! thanks hun! Ur such a sweetie!

You nailed it! said...

Yeah I'm your 500th follower!
I didn't even know I wasn't following yet! I watch your blog every day, haha


Megan Harmeyer said...

Love your mani!! What a good idea (decoupage). And your haul? AWESOME!!

Amberski said...

awesome mani!! I love Funky Fingers Jester- 5 Below rocks!!

ThRiSzHa said...

wow!! great haulz!! awesome mani ever!!

LacquerObsession said...

love the mani & really like the idea of using decoupage!! i might give painting em off my nails a try .. maybe then my painting wont be as bad lol

great haul btw!!

thnx for always providing such creative ideas!! :)

amanda said...

fun nails! can't wait to hear your ocean city suggestions. there's sooo many good places, i always feel like a week is never long enough. one place i need to go EVERY morning is TC's diner, i indulge in their TC's special omelet. a wonderful thing to wake up to.

Lolitadewdrop said...

I love your nails/mani! Totally awesome.

Nicole said...

Oh wow, LOVE your nails - completely awesome! And great hauling.

Unknown said...

WOW! Looks like you had fun before you even arrived LOL! I am drooling over the funky fingers!

Shayla said...

Looks like you got lots of great polish! And your nails look wonderful, as always ;)

Lucy said...

Love your manicure. I'm sure it looked perfect in person. Love the polishes you found. Nice to be able to stop at different places and check the place for polish.