Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Manis, Scenery, and Randomness

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today's post is a mash up of lots of random bits!

First, I'll show you the many I wore for the Arnold!  Obviously, I wasn't going with a pink, flowery mani.  It had to be tough!

I started out with 1 coat of China Glaze "Millennium", and using black special polish, I stamped the fishnet design from M57 over it! 
In the Shade:
In the Sun:

Next up is the gorgeous scenery we saw on the way to Ohio.  We always go two different ways....a longer, more scenic rural route way to get there, and a faster, interstate way to get home.  The following were taken on the way there(click to make big):
Getting ready to cross into West Virginia:
I always love this road!
These were all taken at a little pull off, as we were going through the mountains in West Virginia:
Isn't it just gorgeous!

We were very shocked to see that long stretches of the road was still covered in snow!  We hadn't had snow in a few weeks!  Needless to say, my car left home jet black....Here's how it looked upon return home:
Yeah, it's gray now!
Time for a wash!

Two other random things......

First...I want to show you all why I wear acrylics!  Alittle backstory....On the way home I noticed that a bunch of my nails were lifting pretty badly.  I decided I'd take them off and reapply fresh ones once we got home.  Well, I was out of tips, so I took them off anyway, and let my nails breathe yesterday.  I had a very long (for me naturally) index finger nail.  I sit at a desk and type and do "Office Manager Stuff" all day, yet somehow alittle after lunch, I discovered this:
GRRR!  And ow!  cause of course the split had to go into the quick.  

And after that horribleness, I thought I'd leave you with some cuteness!
There is a cat that roams around our street.  She is GORGEOUS!  Pure white, always smells freshly bathed and looks freshly brushed, and is obviously well fed, but I feed her anyway, just in case!  She has something very unique and beautiful about her, so I thought I'd nab a picture yesterday when she came to greet us home:
Isn't she Gorgeous?  Just look at those eyes!
And yes, she is dirty in this pic, cause she was rolling around while I was petting her.

Well, that's it for today my wonderful readers!

I hope you have a fantastic day!



nihrida said...

I bet this cat is deaf to her left ear. White cats with blue eyes are often deaf.
P.S.: She has a look of a killer.

Anonymous said...

I WANT THAT CAT! Omg she is awesome!
And gorgeous mani and scenery!!

Brooke said...

ROAD TRIP!! I love road trips and it looks like you had beautiful scenery to look at on the way.

The cat looks pretty with those eyes - between the white and green and blue it's very easter-y!

L said...

LOL I am going to agree with nihrida. That cat looks like a demon for reals but she is beautiful.

Girl, I had my acrylics off for 2 days a week or 2 ago and had the same issue. Had to cut all my natural nails off. Acrylics For Life, baby!!!!

Perles & Paillettes said...

Aaaw what a cute kitty :)
You mani is pretty :)

Katrina said...

Beautiful cat. I really want a white one. I love the different colored eyes but she probably is deaf in left ear, poor baby.

Phyrra said...

I love the fishnet on the nails!
Pretty kitty :)

Paige said...

That cat is so beautiful!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

And that, lovely ladies is why I love living in West Virginia! I get to wake up to that scenery every day!!!!

We still have places in our yard with a foot of snow!!!!

"Take me home, country roads...."


Skulda said...

The first thing I thought when see your mani for Arnold was "Manly-cure" hehe. I like!
your photos of the scenery are breath taking.
And that cat? Her expression was pure "WTF are you looking at?"

Susie said...

Love your mani, love road trips.

Lucy said...

Very cute manicure. Tough and cute at the same time. The scenery is just beautiful. I've never seen the mountains in West Virginia. I've been to Richmond and I just loved Virginia. Your poor nails! It never fails that you take the polish or acrylics off and bam, a nail breaks. Your nails don't look that bad considering you wear acrylics.

jo.frougal said...

Lovely mani. That snow looks cold -- I can't stand cold, even looking at it makes me shiver, lol.
That broken nail looks painful! I hope it recovers fast.

Anonymous said...

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