Monday, March 15, 2010

Giveaway Rundown EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Mornin' Lovelies!

This weekend really got away from me and between that and Rob leaving the camera at work, I got nothing to show ya!  So I thought I'd take this opportunity to make sure you were all aware of some great giveaways going on right now! 

Claudia of Chromatic Misadventures is having an awesome giveaway!  Revlon Streetwears and Colorama Flakies WHAT?!?!  AWESOMENESS!!!  Check it out HERE

Tiffani of Yardsticks 4 Lunatics is having a NYX giveaway!  I LOVE me some NYX, so go HERE and check it out!

AllYouDesire is celebrating 500 Followers (congrats girl!) with some SWEET prizes, check 'em out HERE

Painted Lady Fingers is giving away the 8 new Konad plates...Pardon me while I go die from excitement!  Click HERE for your chance!

NailJunkie musta lost her mind, cause she is having one insane giveaway!  So...Many...Pretty...Things!!!  Go LOOK!

InsideOfMyPurse is also having one heck of a giveaway!  Just LOOK at all this loot! 

Sawan Heaven is giving away 5 Claire's Mood Polishes!  YES 5!!! I don't even know if these would work with my acrylics, but oh would I like to try!  Go HERE to enter!

Trincess of Emerald Sparkled is having an awesome giveaway too!  What up with all these uber generous ladies???  Check out all her goodies HERE!

And finally Toxin of Toxic Lipstick is having an AMAZING giveaway!  If you don't follow this girl, then all I gotta say is "SERIOUSLY???  GO FOLLOW NOW!!!"  Go HERE to check out her awesome prizes!

Sorry L!!!
The beautiful L is having a favorite things giveaway!!!  Pretty Polish, Yummy Smelly things, and Chocolate...does it get any better???  Check it out HERE

Well That's it for today!
I'll be back tomorrow to share my St. Patty's day Mani!

Have a great day!


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Lots of ppl giving away. Heres mine: