Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Good Morning Lovelies!

Today I figured I'd finally show you what I got while in Ohio!

But first I just wanted to note that the kitty picture from yesterday wasn't very good!  I took probably 2 to 3 dozen pictures trying to get a good one of the little sweeties eyes, and the only one that cameout was that one!  And sadly she looks like a little meanie in the pic!  She is such a sweetheart though!  Make me wanna keep her, but I'm afraid Macy would have a cow!  I'll try to take more pics here soon, to show you what a lover she is!

Also, Sadly I think this is gonna be the lats post for this week.  I haven't even put nails on yet, so I got nothing else to show you!  Lately, our gym time has been lacking, only actually making it down there 2 or 3 times a week!  We both know we just can't make progress with 2 to 3 1-hour sessions.  And we both have big plans for packing on more muscle and getting way stronger, and leaner in my case (Rob's got the metabolism of a humming bird, little snot can eat anything, as in 3 to 4 thousand calories a day and still have a 6 pack!).  We've done great so far this week, getting down there for a hard core Bench workout Sunday after we got back, and hitting Tri's, Bi's and Forearms for 2 and a half hours Monday!  Feels good to be so sore!  So I just am not sure at this point if I'll get my nails done before the weekend!  But I will be back Monday with something for you at least! 

On to the goodies!!!!

L to R:
Emerald Depths, Vintage Couture, Lightening Blue, Slamming Red

Bought at Forever 21, for $2.80!
Looks just like "Punk" from L.A. Girl Rockstar Collection!
Even the bottle is the same!
The purple color shift does show up on the nail!  YAY!

L to R:  Tapping Nails, Bali Mist, Let Me Go

Closer look at "Let Me Go"
WAY prettier in reality!
pink toned lavender with blue, green, and gold color shift shimmer

Closer look at "Bali Mist"
Again, pic just doesn't do it justice!
berry color with darker wine/purple undertones and gold and green color shift shimmer

L to R: Irish Green (neon grass green), Happy Ending, and Green Ocean (which I got 2 of!)

My only regret was not going to another Meijer to look for the Massini spring collection :(

But I am quite happy with all I got!

I got big plans for alot of these, including a layered look that makes a color I've been searching everywhere for!

That's it for today....maybe even the week!
If I don't see ya, dont just have a great day, have a fantastic rest of the week and weekend!




nihrida said...

What a nice haul! I especially like the third (blue) massini. Can't wait to see it on your nails!

Skulda said...

Great Haul! I'm so jealous of the greens you got!

L said...

Awesome haul. Put them nails back on, gal LOL!

Nicole said...

Aww, nice, you got some Massinis! I've been lemming them for a while, I keep meaning to talk to Mary and order some. These are super pretty! You picked out good stuff.

Phyrra said...

Bali Mist looks gorgeous!

Susie said...

Awesome haul. Especially love the Bali Mist. :)

Lucy said...

Beautiful polishes you bought. After seeing all those fantastic bodies at the show I'm sure you'd want to get busy right away. I be waiting for whenever you get the time.

jo.frougal said...

Wow Christy these are such lovely colors, I can't wait to see what you'll do with these. I know you're gonna come up with some really amazing manis, for sure. ;D

Paige said...

Sweet haul!

Michelle said...

Sweet Haul! I want Green Ocean, so pretty!

Unknown said...

oooh i love massinis :D