Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Color Club Poptastic Review!

Good Morning Ladies!

I hope you brought your sunglasses! Cause I got some HOTNESS to show you today!
Behold...the beauty that is POPTASTIC!

Ok few things before we go into the swatches...
I will show you the colors as they are in the pic above, going left to right.
My camera hated this collection cause they hurt it's lens, lol, so some aren't quite accurate, but I'll explain!
My right index fingernail had had enough after the swatch-fest that was my Sunday, SOOooo, some pics will only show 3 fingers, sorry!  
Swatches were done without topcoat and some pics were taken while still wet.
(sorry for the messy application!)

Ok, here we go!

Almost Famous
Full Sun (not color accurate, see note below)

Artificial light (color accurate)
This yellow I LOVE!  It's not highlighter yellow as you can see, it's more of an almost neon lemon yellow!
3 coats

Wham! Pow!

 Full Sun

Artificial Light
Perfect name for this neon safety orange!  That's what it does to your eyes...WHAM POW!
I told Rob this is what I am wearing to races from now on, so if we get separated I can just wave my nails and he will instantly know where I am!
Middle finger nail (far right in pics) is most color accurate!
3 coats


Full Sun

Artificial Light
Medium neon pink!  AWESOME!
3 coats


Full Sun  (slightly darker irl)

Artificial light  (almost color accurate)
This is my absolute FAV!
Nice medium-dark magenta neon!!!  This one really messed with the camera, which is sad cause it's perfection!  LOVE!!!
3 coats

Full Sun (slightly too light)

Artificial Light
Sorry for the blur, it was the only way I got a color accurate pic. 
The brownish streaks you see are due to the lighting, the polish is not streaky at all!
Super pretty medium purple neon!
2 coats


Full Sun

Artificial light
The ripples you see in the nail is my nail revolting to all the swatching, not the polish.
But it was a touch on the thick side, nothing a bit of thinner wont fix.
Pretty pastel neon green!
3 coats

Chelsea Girl

Full Sun

Artificial Light
My second favorite of the bunch!
Medium neon (slightly green toned) blue
Isn't it gorgeous!?!?
3 coats

Other than Twiggie being a touch thick, this collection is perfection!
Gorgeous colors, nice formula, same great Color Club product!
Highly recommended!

That's it for today!

Hope you have a great one!


Product was sent to me by Color Club in exchange for an honest review.


Anonymous said...

I have all of these and I love them!

♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

WOW I love the orange but they are all gorgeous :)

Unknown said...

so bright and fun!!!

Phyrra said...

Really nice swatches!
I liked the magenta one.

Megan Harmeyer said...

I can't believe how different some of the colors show up between sun and artificial light. My fav is Warhol.

ingegerd said...

oh i love all of them!!!!

Perles & Paillettes said...

What a nice collection ! My faves are Chelsea Girl, Pucci-licious and Warhol. Great shades !

jo.frougal said...

Christy, thanks for these fantastic pics! My poor eyes hurt from looking at the brightness, my poor heart hurts from envying the hotness, LOL! Hope your right index nail gets better soon!

Unknown said...

I love Warhol, very nice!

Lucy said...

Love this collection. I only ordered Twiggie. I have many neons so I saved my money to buy other polishes. They all look amazing on you. Love those bright colors.