Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pinks All-Out!

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

Sorry I've been absent the past few days, life's kinda the-guys-with-the-white-coat-with-really-long-sleeves-that-makes-me-hug-myself-are-coming crazy right now!

Poor Rob has been working 14 to 17 hour days getting the car ready for the race (that will be televised on Speed Channel at a later date) this weekend:

We will be racing the 1963 (and a half) Ford Galaxie that I built the motor for, for a chance to win $10,000!!!

Here's some pics we have of the car and motor!
Workin on the car!  LOL

Me and my motor!

Well guys again I am sorry I've been absent, I'll try to be better but I just can't quite see the light at the end of the tunnel for now, so I may only get to post 2 or 3 times a week.

Hang in there, dont leave me!  I love u guys!

Have a great weekend!



Colette said...

We'll still be here - & at least you have a good excuse! If I'm not posting it's usually laziness and/or sleepiness and/or forgetfulness. Yesterday was forgetfulness ... Just absolutely did not occur to me to edit pics & make a post until I got to work this morning LOL =)

You always have awesome pics BTW & look awesome in them - the working on the car pic is H-O-T especially with the leg up & the heels!

nihrida said...

What are you talking about. Of course we're not gonna leave you. I wish you all the luck on this world and I hope you win! :*
P.S.: Poor Rob...

Maestra said...

Great pictures and you built an impressive motor! Although I have no idea about motors, I know it rocks! ;)

Good luck with the race!

Lucy said...

Don't you look just adorable in that pic fixing the car! Poor Rob doing all that work. At least it's doing something that he loves. Don't worry we will all be here waiting for you. Hope you win first prize. That would be a tremendous accomplishment for you.

Nicole said...

Nobody's gonna leave you honey! I wish you guys all the luck in the world - that's a hot car!

Phyrra said...

Thinking of you!
Good luck with that hot car!

jo.frougal said...

Christy, can't leave, need my stiletto fix lol! Will be right here waiting. Aren't they gonna give out prizes for the most gorgeous motor (yours) or the most gorgeous maker (you)??? They definitely should have that category!!!

thecandiedmango said...

I love reading about your different interests. It's so nice to see parts of your life mixed in with the nail polish goodness.

Mary Ann said...

Cool, Good luck , I watch that show with my husband all the time .

Saori said...

Even if I leave a comment rarely, I 'll be there :)
Whaoouu very sexy girl who works on the car lol

Unknown said...

I will still be reading, however sporadic you need to be! and that car is my husband's #1 dream car. he talks about them ALL THE TIME. I emailed him this post!!!

schmut said...

Who's going to leave?
Not me.
Nailpolish, tattoos and cars, me like.