Monday, June 28, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Review

Good Morning!

Today I have something VERY exciting to show you!

China Glaze "Vintage Vixen", which is their Fall 2010 Collection.

I swatched these yesterday which REALLY messed with my head, since it was in the upper 90's and super humid, and here I am swatching colors that SCREAM fall, and coziness, and bring to mind sweaters and chenille throws!

First of all I must apologize about a few things.  The sun kept playing hide and seek, so I will be showing you all natural, indirect light pics, with the exception of 2 polishes that I HAD to show you in the sun so you could see the beautiful shimmer better!  These were all 2 coaters which I LOVE!  And all swatches are with no topcoat.  
So without further ado... here we go!
(all pics are clickable for bigger view)

(excuse the polish leftovers on my ring finger cuticle, sorry!)
Plum-Purple with gorgeous Shimmer!  
Initially it seems the shimmer is silver, but if you look closely it is multicolored!

Emerald Fitzgerald
Blueish Green with a silver-green-blue shimmer!
Midnight Mission
Navy Blue with SUPER fine Silver glitter.
Even though I've never owned or seen Starry Starry Night in person, This reminds me of that!
Not a dupe, But similar!
And fear not glitter haters, this removes like any regular polish, no pain in the butt glitter issues!

First Class Ticket
Royal Purple with pink-blue-silvery shimmer!
The one I marked as my favorite from the promo pics!
You know how I feel about purple ladies, and this one is just gorgeous!
The sun cooperated with this one so I was able to snap a full sun pic, behold:
Just look at that color!  AHHHH!!!  So gorgeous!

Swing Baby
So hard to describe this beauty!
Silver, Gold, and a touch of Copper shimmer all together in one mega awesome polish!
I liked it in the bottle but on the nail, it just blew me away!

Hey Doll
Dusty Rose with silvery-multi shimmer
A touch mature for my taste but that's just me!

Rusty Red with TONS of gold shimmer!
This was a surprise!
I usually dont go for rusty shades but this one is super pretty!
Classic Camel
Buttery camel color with beautiful gold shimmer!
This was a HUGE surprise for me!
I saw the promo pics, I saw others swatches, I saw the bottle and all I could think was YUCK!....
Then I put it on and was SHOCKED!  I really like this color! Very Unique!

Taupey-Mousy-Brown with Gold Shimmer!
LOVE this color!  WOW!
Check it out in the sun:
Isn't it just gorgeous???  LOVE!

Goin' My Way?
Coppery-Bronzy-Brown metallic with Golden shimmer
Do I even have to say it?  Gorgeous!

Charcoal foil with super fine Silver glitter.
My absolute FAV!  
This one is so different from every silver toned polish I own.  It's actually a bit darker in reality, and just absolutly amazing!  Goes on so buttery smooth!  And again Glitter Haters, this does NOT remove like a glitter!

Riveter Rogue
Red with super fine Gold Glitter.
Another winner!
Pretty and unique, at least to my collection.
Does feel a touch gritty but I am confident a coat of top coat would fix that right up!
But, still doesn't have the normal removal problems that glitters cause!

So my friends, this collection is a total winner!  There is ALWAYS at least 1 polish in a collection that I'm not thrilled with, but I just LOVE every single one of these! Formula on these were just wonderful!   The only thing I can say to the negative is that a few of my brushes were a touch wonky!  This was a HUGE shock to me since I have too many China Glaze polishes to count and have NEVER had a problem with the brush!  2 of the brushes almost curved outward at the tips and another seemed a bit thin and didn't seem to want to flare.  I meant to get pics but I think the heat and polish fumes (I swatched 18 polishes in a row!) fried my brain and I forgot!  Since this has never happened to me before I am gonna chalk it up to just plain old once in a blue moon kinda stuff.  It certainly didn't make them unmanageable!
I highly recommend getting this collection!  There are just too many beauties to pass up!

That's it for today my dears!
I'll be back tomorrow with a more heat appropriate collection!

The products featured in this post were provided by China Glaze in exchange for an honest review


Anonymous said...

these look so hot on you! I can't wait to see when you do some nail art this fall with them =)

Unknown said...

I'm really starting to love this entire collection!

Nicole said...

What's even better is this whole collection has looked great on EVERYONE I've seen so far! So pretty on you.

Unknown said...

I want them all! I particularly love Swing Baby, Jitterbug and Riveter Rogue :)

Lucy said...

I first just saw them in the bottle and thought that I'd order them all. Now that I've seen them all swatched I just can't wait! I'm not sure which is my favorite. I love the foil look. I've been going crazy for them lately. Each polish is prettier than the next. They all do scream Fall and with the temps in the 90's I can't wait till it comes. Thank God for air conditioning! They all look divine on you!

Saori said...

So beautiful........ I hope I'll get them very soon :) Nice on your nails but I'd like to have it on mine :) I am sure you understand he he ..

jo.frougal said...

They're so deeply hued I could drown in them and die happy! ;D