Monday, August 2, 2010

You Know It Review: Colored Contacts!

I had every intention of having this up Saturday, but I wound up helping Rob at work most all of the day!
And then yesterday...well, I'm still not quite sure what happened to yesterday!  I got a TON of stuff done that desperately needed to get done, but before I knew it, the day was over!

Ok back to our regularly scheduled post!

Today I have something very very exciting to show you!  Colored Contacts from You Know It!  For YEARS I've been wanting to try colored contacts, so I was absolutely stoked when I got the opportunity to do a review for this awesome company!  These guys are GREAT!  More and more, I am appreciating good customer service, and these guys are just really top notch!

Ok, So let's take a look at what I got!
 These are Green Yellow Fusion by ColorVue.
Click HERE to go straight to them.

These are Violet Glamour by ColorVue
Click HERE to go straight to them!

So ready to see them in?  
First let me remind you what my natural color is:

Now, here's the green:
I LOVE that on my dark eyes, they give an almost hazel to green variegated effect!

And since no one is really gonna see me that up close, let's see how they look, full face wise:

And now let's check out the Violet ones!
I LOVE these! 
(sorry for the slight blur, by camera would NOT take a clear picture of these! lol)

Full Face:
I've always wanted violet eyes, so these make me super happy!!!

I just LOVE these lenses!  It's so much fun to be able to go and change your eye color to compliment your eye makeup, or just to suit your mood!

You guys will definitely be seeing more of these in future make-up looks!

I HIGHLY recommend this company!  With great prices, fantastic customer service and super fast shipping, I can see no reason to not stock up on lenses! 

That's it for today my Lovelies!

Have a great Monday!
The products shown in this post were sent to me by You Know it, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


Unknown said...

The green ones look amazing and the purple ones look pretty natural! Love them!

L said...

I like the purple ones

nihrida said...

I can't pick my favorite. Green look so great especially with brown showing through. But with purple ones, you look like a doll. =D

MissMidnightBlue said...

I really like the green ones I like how the brown peaks out. The purple ones are really cute on you.

amusedPolish said...

I really like the purple ones on you and they match your shirt you were wearing while you took the picks ^^

Anonymous said...

OMFG MUST HAS THESE! ugh i wonder if my astigmatism will cause problems =(

Phyrra said...

Very pretty :)

Also, if you have an astigmatism you'll probably want to make sure you're ordering toric (I think they're called) lenses.

polishedlyrics said...

These both look amazing on you but I think the purple is my favorite :)

Zara said...

Those look amazing! I have green eyes, so I wonder how the purple would look on me...

Serena said...

I love the violet, it's gorgeous!

Laynie said...

Those are beautiful, but please please please learn how to care for lenses safely. There have been problems with people getting lenses like these and not knowing how to care for them, and ending up with conjunctivitis, corneal infections... they can even lead to blindness.

I hate to be a downer, but I'd hate even more for someone to end up losing their sight because they didn't know how to sterilize their contact lenses. :D

Unknown said...

Both look gorgeous out you! I still say you need the 8 ball ones! ;o)

Lucy said...

Love both colors on you. I've never worn contacts. I'd love to have both of these. Can't wait to see makeup looks with your new eye colors!

Feline Flodin said...

I love them all- including your real eye color! I love brown eyes, and yours are such a pretty shade! And shape... And all. ;)

Shayla said...

Neato! This is definitely a unique review!

I've always wanted to use some of those special effects lenses (like sclera contacts), but they're never in prescription :(

milan and vanaily said...

Thumbs up on the purple!

Unknown said...

they look awesome!! and i have a question?? I have been searching for some good colored contacts, and i have found ones such as acuvue brand lenses and freshlook lenses but they only last 2 weeks... how long do the colorvue contacts last? and it says you dont need a perscription on the website but dont you need to get your eye sized all sized up to get them to fit properly or something?