Wednesday, August 25, 2010

LOVE the mani, HATE the picture!

Yeah, I know....I Suck at blogging right now!

Remember w while back when I said things would have to slow down blogging wise, cause life in general and work, had just gotten brutally crazy?  Yeah...I wanna go back to that time!  Things are seriously insane right now, ESPECIALLY at work!  So much so that I wake up with a stomach ache most mornings, just thinking "how am I gonna get all this done".  I have to keep myself from thinking about it at night otherwise it starts to effect my sleep.  I seriously hope to have this massive changeover done in the next few months, but until then I hope you can all hang in there with me!  I enjoy blogging so much, but anymore it has turned into a chore, and I hate that!  I want it to be fin again, and it will be, once things quiet down!

One thing that shows how crazy stuff is...I didn't even wish my sister a Happy 21st birthday on my blog!  I feel terrible!  Every year I make her a cake, it's kinda a tradition....Would you guys like me to post a few pics one day?  I'm no Landa, but I enjoy it and she gets a kick outa the crazy stuff I come up with for her!  And once in a while (like this year), I actually look at the finished product and am happy with what I see.

We went to see the Expendables this past Friday...
WOW!  So Awesome!  If you like action RUN and go see it now!  Seriously!  And once you see it, tell me...Is Terry Crews' gun not the coolest thing EVER!!!!  My Favorite seen in the whole movie is his gun scene!  LOL

OK...tired of my rambling yet?  ready for the mani?

I was super pleased with the way this mani came out!  It looked so good!  Then I took the pictures and looked at them and was like "Who's mani is THAT???"  The pictures look terrible!  I am always amazed with just how terrible macro makes a mani look.  But, because I know alot of you can relate, I figured I share regardless of how terrible it looks in the picture! 

I had an idea to do a tiger inspired mani and here's what I came up with:

I started with a base of Color Club "Best Dressed List"

Then, using a stiff brush, I stippled Color Club "Charity Ball" diagonally at the cuticle, and Color Club "Who Are You Wearing?" at the free edge.  ( I actually liked the way this came out better than my attempts with sponging in the past!)

Then I stamped the Zebra/Tiger stripe print Konad image from M57 with Konad Special Polish in Black.

In person it looked more like a gradual fade from one color to the other and less splotchy than the pic makes it look.  I had to take the Index finger out of the picture since it took a few days to get this pic, and the index nail had some serious flaws by then!

I will do my best to be back tomorrow with some fun stuff to share!
Maybe Animal pics from vacation, or some cake pics...we shall see!



Unknown said...

Love it!

L said...

You are too sweet! I love this mani so dont be mad if I copy it when mine nubs have grown out. *smooches*

Unknown said...

I think it looks suweeeet!
Beter than cake can just send me a piece! :o)

Stiletto said...

Thanks girl!

Nah, just truthful! And I'd be honored to have u steal my designs! Can't wait to see!!!

Evil Angel,
I'll bake you a whole cake! How's that! LOL Thanks sweets!

ThRiSzHa said...

love it...

chocaddict said...

what are you talking about? That is a good micture of one kick ass mani!
And yes, I wanna see pictures of your cake, please :)

Unknown said...

love this mani !!!!

JQ said...

I think that it loks pretty hot. I know your pain about the photos not seeming to do the mani justice! My next step is getting my hands on a nice small brush to clean up my cuticles and around the edge of the polish. h, and making sure to moisturize and keep the cuticles tidy. I'm terrible at maintenance.
ANYWAY, I love your stuff! And your purple streak is killer, dude.

Megan Harmeyer said...

That looks great and I don't think the picture is all that bad. I hate it when you have a great look but can't get the camera to cooperate.

Phyrra said...

That is so cool!

Lucy said...

Take it easy! Work will get done. Don't make yourself sick over it. We'll all be here waiting. I can't imagine how you can blog and work. It seems like there's so much to blogging. Must be hard for people who post every day. Your mani looks fantastic. I always love what you come up with. Love to see the cake pictures.