Wednesday, August 4, 2010

China Glaze Awakening Review!

It's only the beginning of August and I am already SUPER excited about Halloween!!!  Why?   Cause of these little beauties!!!
This. Collection. ROCKS!!!

Let's take a closer look...
(all of these are shown as a full color plus a coat of topcoat)

Mummy May I

Dark wine base packed with magenta-purple glitter!
This polish is so awesome!!!
So nice and smooth and surprisingly easy to remove!!!
Oh, and to all those dieing from the price of a certain black jelly with magenta sequins and glitter....if you don't mind no sequins, this is not a twin, but a very close sister!  And a cheaper sister at that!
This was 3 coats(plus 1 coat of top coat)

(sorry, had a brain fart and forgot the bottle in this pic!)

Mossy green jelly base loaded with orange glitter.
If you open the sun pic larger and look at the cuticle edge on the pinkie, you can really see that green base well!
The super cool thing about this polish was the fact that the green base almost gives a copper cast to the glitter.  This is gonna be amazing for not only Halloween, but for all of Fall!
This one was a bit harder to remove, but I've had worse!  Just use the foil technique and it'll be easy-peasy.
This was 3 coats (plus 2 coats of top coat, for a smooth finish)

Zombie Zest

Murky, swampy green with TONS of gold and (almost lime) green micro glitter!
My absolute favorite of this collection!  I couldn't stop staring at this polish.  It's just so complex!  it's murky and swampy, but shimmery and bright, LOVE!!!
3 coats (plus 1 of topcoat)

This whole collection is just a winner.
Formula was great, as always with China Glaze.  

Go grab 'em up at your favorite store or e-tailer!

That's it for today, but I'll see ya tomorrow!!!

The products shown in this post were sent to me by China Glaze in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


Anonymous said...

aren't they fab??!! Gah! Mummy looks so freakin good on you!

Zara said...

These are all fabulous and I can't wait to get them!

L said...

Zombie Zest is my fave!

Sarah B. said...

Aaaah I love Zombie Zest!!
Are they in stores already?

Unknown said...

oh I want these! I'm a purple fanatic and I'm really digging Mummy May I..but I'm pretty sure that Zombie Zest is my fav!

Shayla said...

I want.

That's all I have to say.

Phyrra said...

The purple is so gorgeous!

Unknown said...

i need them !!!!

Unknown said...

These are HOT! Nuff said :P

Lucy said...

My favorite is Zombie Zest also. I'm definitely buying these. Love them all and not just for Halloween.

Lucy said...

My favorite is Zombie Zest also. I'm definitely buying these. Love them all and not just for Halloween.

Unknown said...

GAWD i can't wait to get my hands on these!!