Friday, November 13, 2009

Something Bright for this Cold, Dark, Damp Day!

Good Friday Morning Lovelies!!!

Today is yet another cold, damp, dark day!  Makes me wanna go home, and curl up on the recliner with a blanket, a MASSIVE cup of coffee and a book!  Immediately followed by a nap!  Yes please!

So to brighten up this dreary day I thought I'd show you a mani that I did that I decided I HAVE to do again this spring!  I just LOVE this.

Today's Mani started with a Franken for Rescue Beauty Lounges Bikini Bottom.  I followed the Fabulous Dr. Frankenpolish's recipe, you can find it HERE.  I think this took 3 coats for me.

Then, I applied my french tip guides.  Appearently I didn't wait long enough, as you will see in the pics below, because I got lines from where I pressed the guide down to be sure it was stuck completely.

Next I removed the polish on the tips, to prevent a thick chunky tip later on!

Then I painted OPI "Do you Lilac it?" on the tips.  I think I used 2 coats here.

Then, using Special Polish in White, I stamped the wavy design on M62 to the smile line.

This just screams SPRING to me!

Well Ladies, that's all I have for you for today!

I have a Fabulous mani planned for tonight and I SOOOO hope it turns out half as good as it does in my head! 
Then I have a FULL weekend planned!
On Saturday, Mom, Cassie(my sister), Rob and I will be goin to Philly to spend the day!  They have an AWESOME Market so I can't wait to explore!  I'll take lots of pics to share!  Cheesesteak, here I come!!!
Then Sunday, Papa B (my father-in-law), Rob and I are heading to the track, to test out the new carburetors on the Galaxie and get it ready for the first of the season next year!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!



Amabile said...

Yes, this is definitely spring-y! Very fresh color combo. I once started knitting a sweater with these colors but I never finished it... hmm thanks to reminding me of that, I have to go and rummage my storage :-)

Stiletto said...


Those colors would make a gorgeous sweater! u better get to rummaging! :)

ThRiSzHa said...

ohh.. this is very it.. u too have a great weekend & happy polishing..

Lumin0us said...

I hear ya! i hate days like that! and that's like it is today too over here!
Adorable mani! Love the color combo and the pattern is just lovely!
Have a nice weekend!!***

Anonymous said...

what an adorable mani! I did a spring one yesterday. bad that I want spring before its even winter? and can I just say how cool it is that you know about cars AND nailpolish.

Stiletto said...

Thanks hun!

Thanks sweets! hope the sun comes out for ya this weekend!

HA! good to know I'm not the only one around here wanting Spring! I LOVE Thanksgiving and Christmas, But not a big fan of the cold! And thank you so much, your such a sweetie!

L said...

Oh this is lovely.

Its about 70 here right now and I hate it. Its Thanksgiving time and Im wearing shorts. UGH!

polishedlyrics said...

This is a beautiful-y spring konad! I love love love it. Its gloomy here too and getting cold, I should copy you and do a bright springy fun mani

Leeyah said...

So pretty!
Mmm....cheesesteak. Have fun in Philly!

Paige said...

That is so refreshing, it is only November and I am ready for spring already!

nihrida said...

You have so many great ideas! How in the world do you come up by all this? Well done! I think it's very cute and springy indeed.
Have a great weekend with your loved ones! :*

Lucy said...

All I need is the recliner! It's going to be a crap weekend. Enjoy your time in Philly! Eat some chocolate cupcakes, by Tastycakes. They are the best. Then you can work it all off later. Love your manicure. It's definitely a Spring thing! Beautiful. Hope everything goes well with the Galaxie. Enjoy yourself this weekend. Love ya.

Stiletto said...

L, Jessica, Leeyah, gildedAngel, Nihrida, and Lucy,

Thank you all so very much for your sweet comments! {{{HUGS}}} to you all!!!

Revampy said...

very cute. Can't wait for the pictures.

Brooke said...

oooooohhhh, this does look so nice a fresh and spring-y! Looks like little easter eggs are nestled on your finger tips :)

Unknown said...

this is gorgeous (and inspirational! can't wait to try!)