Monday, November 2, 2009

The Konad Force is NOT with me!

Good morning Lovelies!

Today, and for the rest of the week, I will be SWAMPED!  It's invoice time at work, and that means hand generating approx. 1,000 invoices, not my idea of a good time! 

This weekend SOOOO did not go as planned!  Had a great time doing Michelle's Mani, which I will share with you tomorrow, but due to time running out, it certainly is not perfect.  SORRY MICHELLE!
Sunday I headed over to Mom's and hung out with her and cranked out a few mani's before it was time to head home.  Once I got home I intended to crank out a few more, but alas, the Force was SOOOO NOT with me!  I fought with 2 different designs for over an hour!  Then I gave up, and painted my nails with 2 coats of China Glaze 2Nite and called it a night.  It's kinda refreshing to have a nice smooth pain color on though.  No, I'm not giving up my Konad ways, I just haven't worn a plain color, with no adornment, simply cause I like it, in FOREVER!  So it's kinda nice!

For today I'm goin way back, to over a week ago, to show you what I wore to the Ford race.
Of course Ford is the blue oval and the oval has a chrome border.  So I played off that.
I did 2 coats of China Glaze Frost Bite, which is such a pretty blue, but oddly looks a shade or 2 lighter in the pics below!
Then I broke out China Glaze Millennium (I know I know....AGAIN!) And stamped the criss-cross pattern from M64 over it.

As you can see, the force was weak the morning I did this too!

I actually got up early the day we were leaving, and ran into town to give my donation at Biolife.  I donate plasma twice a week!  It not only saves lives, but I get a little pocket cash for my trouble, which is nice, cause that's what I use for my polish addiction!  Anyway, I did that at the crack of dawn, got home, packed, and cranked this out.  So, I guess the lesson learned it, you can't be in a hurry when your tryin' to do a Konadicure! I didn't forget about the giveaway I promised!  I am almost done with gathering items, so hopefully I will be announcing it in the next 2 weeks!

Ok my awesome readers, that's all for today!
I hope you have a wonderful Monday!



Mary said...

Your "Ford" themed nails look great! Frostbite is such a vivid shade. May the Force be with You today while you're doing all of those invoices!

Skye said...

just adorablee

Stiletto said...

Thanks hun! yeah frostbite definitely didn't wanna play nice with my camera!
And thanks, I'll need it to tackle the invoices!

Thanks hun!

Michelle said...

ohh stop my nails look great!

Stiletto said...

ehh, as soon as i have a free weekend, which will probably be sunday the 15th i'll fix them!
that sat we are supposed to go to philly with mom!

ThRiSzHa said...

ohhh.. this is gorgeous... i always try this image design on my nails but i always failed to put the design on the center of the nails... waaaaaaaa... i think i really need more practice to stamping!!! u too have a great week!! xoxo keep safe sweety!!

Stiletto said...

Practice makes perfect, but it sure sucks when it doesn't work out! :)
trust me, I was shocked these all were kinda centered! usually i have at least one that i cent seem to center!
But thanks hun!

Paige said...

I love this! I know what you mean about just having a bad Konad day!

Unknown said...

I am sending you Konad cooperation vibes!

I like your Ford Konadicure but where is the good old Mopar Konadicure? lol

Brooke said...

Your mani looks wonderful as always!! I love the car theme you did, very cute idea! You are one busy woman, you run circles around me girlfriend!

konADDICT said...

ENVY!!! i did yet another halloween with this at the tips....and darned it.... i had cenering issues! Or then almost all turned out on one hand but the stamp was too small for thumb, and i placed the stamp too low on another. You did it perfectly though! But i must say, if i ever figure it could be one of my faves (since i really like painted tips) and the design is really sharp, graphic. great job!

Tuli said...

This is a gorgeous mani ! Love it :-)

avroys said...

I love the simplicity of this mani. And the blue is SO gorgeous!

Lucy said...

Beautiful manicure. I love Frostbite. It's such a lovely bright shade of blue. God bless you for giving plasma twice a week. That's a wonderful thing you do for everyone. (((Big hugs)))