Monday, November 9, 2009

Apparently I'm Lovely, Kreativ AND Loved!!!

See!  I told you guys I hadn't forgotten!!!

First I got tagged by two beautiful ladies for the Lovely Blog Award!

Vikx993 of Geek-up (love the name!)
Juicy Nails of well Juicy-Nails!

Thanks Ladies!!!  Your so sweet!


I got tagged for the:

The super sweet Halifax of Sparkled Beauty tagged me!
Thanks sweetheart!!!

And Finally...

I got tagged for the Kreative Blog Award

By none other than the awesome Sasha aka Nihrida
Thanks girl!!  You ROCK!
***UPDATE: Leanne of Do Not Refreeze also tagged em for this!  Sorry hun, I had a brain fart!  U ROCK TOO!!!***

Rules: List 7 facts about yourself and award another 7 bloggers.

SOOooooo  7 facts about me:

1) I once, for about a month had BRIGHT Magenta hair.  this color:

Color I used was: Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Bubble Head Pink 

I loved every minute of it.  Kids thought I was some kind of Superhero!  But sadly, Even though I was dressed in nice, Office Manager clothes I was completely ignored, and basically refused service at JCPenney.  The nasty comments I got now and then proved too much for the very little self esteem I had, so I changed it back to brown.  Funny thing was, the person that was most upset was a pretty conservative lady that goes to my church!  She fussed at me and told me that the Magenta was GORGEOUS with my skin tone, how dare I go back to brown!
I also was told I looked like an Anime character!

2) I grew up in a single parent household and I am here to say that anyone who says kids in single parent households are missing out are full of it!  My Mom ROCKS!

3) For about half of my childhood, Mom, my little sister, and I, lived with my Grandmother and Grandfather.  We lived on 11 acres of land, all but 1/2 and acre was woods!  I loved it!

4) I own more bottles of pink toned nail polish than any other color, and yet, I wear pink very very rarely
5) 14 years ago during a mission trip to Mexico with my church, I was involved in an accident.  I was cooking at a gas stove, and though no one is sure of why, it exploded, and me and my friend who was also cooking, were engulfed in flames.  I saw the fire come at me, and it looked like it hit a "windshield" in front of my face, just like the water looks when you drive through a car wash.  I was lifted off my feet and set back down on top of broken glass(from the oven door) about 8 or 10 feet back.  I had a small piece of glass in my foot, and few scratches on my legs, and my hair which was in a ponytail behind me and was so long it went down to under my butt, was burned to shoulder length.  I was saved that day by the hand of God, no ifs ands or buts about it.
I refer to this incident as my Spiritual Haircut!

6) I want to be Abby from NCIS when I grow up!

7) My man and I LOVE goin for a ride on our bike, but rarely get the chance!
It's a 2006 Honda VTX 1800F, and is the biggest V-Twin engine in production(or was in '06).
It has more displacement per cylinder than a 426 hemi!!!
Here she is:

It may not look it, but she is BIG!

And...I tag:

well, almost everyones been tagged.
And I think your ALL lovely, and Kreativ and I Love all your blogs!!!
So I tag EVERYONE who has NOT YET been tagged!!!


L said...

That bike is hotness. Wow! I only a crapload of pink polishes too and pretty much stick to wearing blues, greens & purples half the time.

You do your own acrylics right? Do you have a certain brand of product that you prefer? Im pretty much tired of paying people to do it when I used to do my own as a teenager lol

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Thanks for accepting the tag :-) I'm a single mom, really appreciate fact #2 :-)

nihrida said...

Oh, honey, you deserve every single award. And, yes, you are loved! Very much! :)
Can we see pictures from your ''magenta-anime'' period? I'd love that. :) I always say that children need both parents, but so many families are disfunctional nowadays it doesn't really matter. Love and proper raising are the most important. I'm sure your mother rocks. She DID gave birth to you, so ... :)
I also like nature in and it must've been a blast living with all that wood around.
That whole cooking/explosion story is quite scary. But hey, you got yourself a new haircut! ;)
I don't watch NCIS very often, but I know this much - Abby rocks, but not as much as you. :)
And about your Honda...I don't know much about bikes, but my BF gave it a ''big whistle'' when he saw it. :) Hope you ride safely.
Love, (((hugs)))

Stiletto said...

I will confirm tonight and let you know in my post tomorrow morning!!!


You are such a sweetie!! Thank you for all those compliments, my goodness, I'm blushing!!!
OH how I wish there were pictures!!! I will ask mom to be sure but I dont think I have any. It wasn't until recently that I stopped running away when cameras came out!
Tell the BF I said thanks!!

Leanne said...

Loved reading this :) hey, I tagged you for Kreativ blogger as well! I just don't think I remembered to tell you :( haha sorry!

Lucy said...

You deserve every award! I hope your Mom does have a picture. I would love to have magenta hair. It's my favorite shade of pink. You are really blessed by God. What a horrific accident. Did God make your cut straight? (I'm being a terrible smart ass)Love the bike. I've only ridden on the back of a bike once. What a fantastic feelilng.

Stiletto said...

I have gone back and added your name too!
I'm having a bad brain day!
Hope you'll forgive me!

Lucy, sweet lucy, what am I gonna do with you! You are just too sweet!
The cuts/ scrapes didn't even leave a scar! and yes I agree, being on the back of a bike is FABULOUS! You just feel so free!

Unknown said...

i loved hearing about you :) thank you for sharing your story about your accident, i know sometimes things like that can be hard to share.

magenta hair?? AWESOME! i've always wanted to do something radtastic like that ;)

and abby from NCIS totally rocks, i love her!

Unknown said...

p.s. i grew up in a single mom home too and am the woman i am today because of her :)