Friday, November 6, 2009

Sad but True

Good morning Lovelies!!!

It's Friday!!!  YAY!
I hope everyone has something fun and/or relaxing planned for the weekend!

Today I have for you...well, not much, that's the sad part! 
I have a very simple, not very exciting mani to show you.  I have plans to crank out a few this weekend since I'm kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel, or vault, as it may be!

I wanna show you guys 2 polishes that I found by chance a week or two ago, while I was doing grocery shopping.  It occurred to me that I always liked Rimmel polishes, since they seem to release some cool colors every now and then, and decided to take a look.  Now...before I show you pictures...these polishes are about 100 times better in person, the camera just could not pick up the depth and multicolor awesomeness that are these polishes!
So first we have Hard Edge:

Hard Edge is a Wine color with a purpley undertone and an almost golden shimmer.
It shows purple-burgandy at the edges, then wine closer in, then finally a brighter golden wine color in the center.
In the bottle I can also see green at the edges, but I don't have the swatch with me so I can't remember if it showed on the nail.
Sadly it just doesn't show in the pics like in real life!

Next we have my favorite of the two, Night Before:

Isn't that gorgeous???

Night Before is a Pinkish purple with a blurple undertone and magenta highlight.
So from the edge inward it goes from blurple, to purple, to a pinkish purple, to almost magenta in the center.  And in certain lights it even has some golden tones to it!

While Hard Edge is a warm wine that leans slightly brown, Night Before is definitely in the purple family. 
These are just so gorgeous in real life!

Mom has commented to be frequently that seeing the pictures on here and seeing the mani in front of her is almost like seeing 2 different manis!  That while they look good here, they look fantastic in person! 
I don't know if I tend to gravitate toward hard to photograph colors, or what, since my camera isn't top of the line, it is supposed to be a GREAT camera, so it should be plenty high quality enough to take pics of polish!  (Thank goodness for Christmas gifts, or I'd still probably not have a digital camera!)

OK, on to the very VERY old vault pic I scrounged up for ya!

Here is China Glaze "For Audrey" with M45 in black on the tips:

Pardon the chunky acrylics...this is probably 6 months old, before I got good with acrylics and realized they didn't have to be so thick to be strong!
They are pretty beat-up, I had been wearing this for many days before I took this pic.
To me, For Audrey just calls for polka dots and bows and such.  It's just such an awesome vintage color!

Well my dears, That's all I have for you today!
I hope I inspired you to maybe take a look at your Rimmel display and see what may be waiting for ya!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!


Thank you all for all the wonderful comments the past few days!  I will be 100% done with Invoices today, and will be back to responding to comments next week!  Thank you for understanding and being patient with me!!


Eli (Beauty Blog) said...

I have the same problem, I bought a new camera but I never manage to get the colours right, not even with post-editing with Picasa or something similar, it's frustrating...

Brooke said...

Looks very lovely. Yes a Bow would have really topped these off, wouldn't it?

I still don't own a bottle of For Audrey, believe it or not!

Stiletto said...

Negrita Cabreada,
Well I'm sorry this happens to you too, but boy is it nice to know I'm not alone!

GIRL! I gotta buy you that color STAT!

Lisa Kate said...

Night Before looks amazing! I've never used Rimmel polishes, so I'm not sure about the formula, but I think they are pretty inexpensive so I might as well just get it XD

For Audrey looks adorable with polka dots!! Its one of my favorite colors!

Jodes said...

Your manis are so beautiful.
Rimmel do come out with some fab colours every now and then.


Juicy Nails said...

Very lovely!
ps; tagged you on my latest post :)

Paige said...

That is so cute! I really like it!

Stiletto said...

Lisa Kate,
I actually really like Rimmel's Formula. It's not THE greatest I've ever used, but it's FAR from the worst. It's actually rather nice. These were 2 coats I beleive. They also have a nice "pro-wide" brush, not a skinny annoying one.
and thanks!

Yup, every once in a while, they really do well!
And thanks hun!

Juicy Nails,
Thanks hun!

Why, Thank ya!

nihrida said...

WOW! You got Night Before!?!?! Congrats! :) I love your turquoise mani with black dots. It looks so cute! :)

ThinWomanTryingToGetOut said...

Thought I'd add that I like the colors too, and the mani...but mostly I wanted to post about the camera statement and color issues because I see it on so many blogs.
It's NOT your cameras. There are so many other reasons for the issues you're having.

One reason is that different people have their monitors set differently and even the calibration tools for many aren't the best for getting the settings right. (not to mention, not many people even know HOW to do that.)
Another reason is that you are dealing with PIGMENT and trying to represent it with LIGHT. These color types behave a little differently from one another, sometimes more than a little and that is what makes it so hard to get the right representation on screen.

I'm not an expert on this, just have a son who's an artist and he's shared enough with me about it that I thought I might help you stop worrying about your camera.
We love the pictures, they give us all and idea, and your description helps a lot!

Keep doing what you're doing. I enjoy your blog very much.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I bought both of those Rimmel polishes (I love EVERYTHING Rimmel). I posted my pics of "Night Before" and those pics don't show the true beauty at all. I'm about to try out "Hard Edge" now. :)

Lucy said...

Hi sweetie! I'm so far behind on all of the blogs. Love those polishes. I don't own any Rimmel's and will have to try them. Love your "old" manicure. I love polka dots and For Audrey is such a pretty polish. Your manicure looks so pretty.

Cupcake Unicorn said...

Night Before would look great Konad-ed over China Glaze, Glacier. Would you be able to try this out? Your manis are just amazing!

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

I had no idea if Rimmel has new colours or not, as the shelf always look the same :-)

I have an award for you on my blog, btw

Unknown said...

that is an awesome color! i need that rimmel in my life :D

konADDICT said...

Actually I am more taken by that BEAUTIFUL autumnal forest behind the purple polish! wanna dive in some leaves!