Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More M70 Love!

Good morning Lovely Ladies!  (and Gents if your reading this!)

The lovely "L" asked me yesterday what Acrylic products I use, so first I thought I'd share that, for her and anyone else who may be curious.

I use all Beauty Secrets products, that I purchase from Sally's.
I have had good results from this and feel that it's a good product without paying WAY too much $!

I also use their Non-Acid primer and Dehydrant prior to application.  I really think those two products have made a  HUGE difference in the longevity of the adhesion of the acrylic to my nail.  I don't have near the lifting that I had prior to using these products!

For today I thought I'd show a little more love for M70.  It's a very underused plate in my stash, but oddly enough, I was quite shocked when Michelle picked it, and I had plans to use it for this weeks mani as well!

I LOVE the look of chrome polishes over black.  I don't knwo what it is but I just LOVE it!
So I started with 1 coat of Wet and Wild "Black Creme".
Than I broke out M70 along with China Glaze "Harmony" and "Cherish".
I painted a strip of Harmony over the wavy portion of the design, and covered the rest on Cherish.
The trick to the scraping, for me at least, is to scrape so that 1 of the colors isn't drug over another color.
Here was the final result (just ignore the weird bald spot on my index finger)

I really like how this came out!
Well, that's all for today.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!



ainos2 said...

Wow! That is one gorgeous konadicure! The image looks very crisp. Well done!

Stiletto said...

Well thanks hun!!!

L said...

Dude! I love that konadicure. Also thanks for the info on the products. I am so tired of paying $20-$25 every two weeks LOL.

Paige said...

I love that! I now want to try to use more than one color in a stamp!

Stiletto said...

L, I TOTALLY understand!
I think I spent $40 or $50 over 6 months ago to get everything, and I JUST THIS WEEKEND finally had to buy another bottle of acrylic liquid!
So yeah its DEFINITELY cheaper!

Thanks hun!
Yes definitely use more than one color! I still can't figure out why I dont do it more! I love multi color stamps!

Stiletto said...

now that I think abotu it, it was probably more like 9 months ago!

ThRiSzHa said...

this is very pretty.. love the multi colors plus the chrome over dark color...

Stiletto said...

Thanks hun!

L said...

Thank ya, ma'am!

polishedlyrics said...

This looks wonderful! I love the chrome and that you did it with 2 diffrent colors at that! I see no bald spot at all. Gorgeous!

Stiletto said...

Thanks hun!
Glad u cant spot the bald spot! LOL
my stamp didn't wanna transfer in one stinking spot on that nail! POO!

nihrida said...

Oh my! That is one smokin' konadicure! I love it! And you did it with such precision... How?! Why, oh why am I so clumsy?

Stiletto said...

Thanks hun!
I think you are WAY too hard on yourself!

Shayla said...

Gorgeous! That's all I can say :)

Stiletto said...

Why thank you my dear!

booksnchocolate said...

Wow that's gorgeous! And I didn't spot the bald spot...until you mentioned it. ;-P

Arie said...

Super cute!

steph said...

cute nails! i really like how harmony looks on black :)

Jodes said...

Wow! You have done a fantastic job! Looks really great.


Stiletto said...

BooksnChocolate, Arie, Steph and Jodes,
Thanks girls!!!

Triskit said...

I love this one!! My new favorite!!

Lucy said...

I love each and every manicure you do! Fantastic job. I think the little bald spot is special! I also didn't notice till you pointed it out.

konADDICT said...

SOLD!!!! uhmmm, WHY dont I have this plate?! Well frankly because it didn't look interesting to me. But now.......well it helps that you always have impecable application and your color choice here is PERRRRRFECT!

this plate is on my list!