Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Update (and a request for help!)

Hello All!!!

Thought I'd drop in and give you guys some updates!

I'm tryin to get everything planned out for my Halloween makeup tutorials, and I need your help!!!  I have 4 ideas that I really really like, but I want to do 5 looks, so...
In the comments section yell out a look or character you would like me to create!  I'll go with the most requested one unless it's something I'm already doing!

I'd also like some input on what kind of Halloween nail designs you're interested in seeing me do!  So please also list any nail ideas or looks you'd like to see for Halloween!
I got my nose pierced!!!  and I LOVE IT!  I've been tryin to get a good pic, so as soon as I do I'll post it!

Here goes the big announcement.....
I have taken off the acrylics and am attempting to grow out my natural nails!   UGH!  I'm dieing with these itty bitty nubbins!  Especially since I'm catching edges on things and having to file the rough edge almost every night, so I feel like I'm taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back! 
Because of this and my teeny tiny nail beds, it's gonna be kinda slow on the nail art front for a few weeks until I actually have something to work with! LOL   
I do have some nail art pics in the file I haven't been able to post yet, so you will occasionally see posts of long fake nails!  I will also use fake nails to do the Halloween tutorials, I'll just use temporary nails, (so I'm not causing damage by prepping and filing!) cause my nail beds are so tiny I've got no canvas!

And since this is a boring update post, here's a few cute pics for ya!

Thanks for hanging in there guys!  I'll be back very soon, with lots of fun stuff!!!



Lacquer Laine said...

Congrats on all this news but definitely removing the acrylics! It seems like you're not getting anywhere, but you are. They will grow and be long and strong!! Just keep em polished to protect them!! Like I have to tell you

L said...

Yay. Im glad youre trying this out. Now I wont be so alone. Go read my blog post from yesterday for some hope LOL and read in the comments too. *HUGS*

Mistress Zombie said...

I know how the taking off acrylics goes. I took mine off two years ago, went thru that process. It can be frustrating but I must say I prefer my own nails soo much more.

Id love to see your inturpretation of a glam zombie look. What can I say... im obsessed >.<

Recalcitrant Nails said...

congrats on the natural nails...thats so hard and so awesome all at the same time.

As for a make up look....what about a Dark TinkerBell? I know, I know, its a dark faerie...however I'm thinking more along the lines of how Tink would specifically do it?

Stiletto said...

Thanks all for the enouraging words abtou the nails!

Mistress Zombie, That sounds FUN! GLAM ZOMBIE!!!

Lacquer Ware, OMG Dark Tink! LOVE the idea!!!

Jasmine said...

Try the Trind nail repair: it works wonders for your nails. They will get stronger and grow really fast :)

Unknown said...

Good luck with the nail growth, I know you have awesome talons in no time :)

I take Biotin when my nails are in need of some internal TLC :)

Hhhhm halloween nails, I'd like to see some "Goth Glam" nails, dark and mysterious, yet sassy! Make sense?..probably not..I'm a nut! :P

Isabel said...

i loved your dog, sooo cute and i love your blog too

jadedlights said...

Good luck with you natural nails! I'm the exact opposite...when I had acrylics (only twice in my life) I couldn't wait to get them off and get my natural nails back to their strong healthy selves! LOL.

First puppy is SOOO CUTE! Looks just like my brother's girlfriends puppy, and my puppy!! Except mind is a darker brown. SO CUTE!

Žana said...

I really love your blog ;-P

Lucy said...

Your pictures are adorable and crack me up! I saw someone said she'd like a dark fairy look. I'd love to see a dark fairy and also a light fairy. Sexy vampire also. Your nail looks are always fantastic. Good luck with growing out your nails. Judy on grew her's out. She showed them as they were growing and getting better. Now they look fantastic. I take Biotin and it really helps keeping my nails strong.

Serikiyo said...

Nun outfit is absolutely adorable!!! I hope I look that good when I head off to the convent! XD!

Bria said...

Congrats on the nose piercing (I used to have mine done) and growing your nails. I switch back and forth as the acrylic I use doesn't seem to damage my natural nails much.

How about a black nail with orange crackle (if there is that color available)?

As for makeup....I think the dark fairie would be so cool!

Love your blog so much I hope you don't mind that I linked you to blogs we follow on our blog which is


Kiu said...

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I'm a big fan of your kronicles!haha

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cindyfox87 said...

I'd like to see a halloween nail that does not involve nail art with a brush or konading. I LOVE all of the nail art that you do, but I lack the time and patients right now to do more than just a paint job (layers, gradient, etc. I can do).