Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Color Club Fall 2010 Untamed Luxury - Indulgence

Well Hello!!!

I know, I've been terribly MIA here lately.  It seems just when I think the worst is over and it's gonna start getting easier and less stressful...BAM...here comes even busier times.

But that's not why we're here today is it?  NOPE!  We are here to look at pretty stuff!!!

Today I have half of the Untamed Luxury Collection to show you!  This collection is simply amazing!  Every time I started swatching a new color I was freaking out about how amazing ti was!  I love them ALL!!!

I will state right now that my pictures SUCK!  My camera was being a butt head and not cooperating at all and the sun decided to join the "harrass Christy" party and play hide and seek!  GRRRR

Here's what we are gonna be drooling over today:
(as with all the pics today...click to make big)

Pretty In Platinum


Soft light grey with a pearl finish.
LOVE this color!
2 coats

Wild Orchid


Grey with (mostly) Silver shimmer, 
this also has a bit of iridescent shimmer that flashes pink, blue and gold!
Yet another LOVE!
2 coats.
I put the first coat on and KNEW this was gonna be a 3 coater, it was so sheer...but the second coat turned out to be totally opaque!

Positively Posh


Brown Creme with purple grey undertones.
Have you ever poured a cup of coffee from a pot that's been sitting there a few hours, and added cream?  
Ya know that dark, greyed chocolate brown color you see in your mug?  That's this polish!  LOL
And it ROCKS!  This is totally gonna be a go to polish this fall!
3 coats.
No top coat!  Look at that shine!!!

Soft as Cashmere


Taupe-grey with a green undertone.
I see this and immediately think of cold, crisp fall days.  
Maybe it the name, I dunno, but I am totally ready for Fall!
3 coats.

Nothing But Truffle
(see i told u my camera was acting up!  look at my skin!)


Dark Brown Shimmer!
My camera would just not pick up the beauty of this one!  It's one of those lit-from-within shades!
You're just gonna have to trust me that this is awesome!  I put it on and literally went "ooOOOOooooo"
Rob looked at me weird!  LOL
2 coats, but 1 was almost totally opaque!!!

Jewel of a Girl
Yeah I suck and couldn't get a sun pic!  :(

Wine shimmer!
Wow, just wow.  I didn't want to take this off.
It's amazing!  Just like "Nothing but Truffle" it's lit from within!
2 flawless coats!!!

Ready to Royal


Deep Wine Creme.
This color I loved but I SO wished it woulda stayed the same color as the first coat.
The first coat was this gorgeous grape-wine shade that I loudly squeeled about(and meant to take a pic of to show you).  But the second coat darkened it up ALOT.  Still a gorgeous color, but I was kinda bummed it didn't look the same as the first coat.
2 coats.

Formula on these was amazing, as is usual for Color Club!
There was not a bad color in the bunch, they were all amazing and very fall!
Everytime I put on a new color I was "ooOOoo-ing" and "Aaahhh-ing" and squeeling, much to the amusement of Rob!  LOL 
The ONLY negative I can say is "WWWHHHAAA....why did Ready to Royal have to change so much from coat 1 to coat 2"  ???   Again, still pretty as you can see, but not the color that the first coat teased me with.

I'll be back tomorrow with the Diamond half of this collection (and more terrible pics!)  LOL


The products featured in this post were sent to me by the Manufacturer or their PR company, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


L said...

They look good on you. I still havent swatched minne yet.

Lucy said...

These are all gorgeous shades for Fall. I'm going to skip them for now. I feel like I have many of these shades already. They all look gorgeous on you.

Sarah B. said...

Ready to Royal is so gorgeous :)

Unknown said...

Truffle looks fabulous!! I was debating about wearing that today, but I went with Positively Posh. I'll have to try Truffle next! Gorgeous swatches :)

Phyrra said...

I lurve wild orchid!

Anonymous said...

U r the first person I have seen that has the skintone to pull of Pretty in Platinum on its own. It looks so hot on you

Unknown said...

i like this collection a whole lot more after reading your review! i loved the posh one on you!

Helen said...

I went mad for this half of the collection and could not stop obsessing about it! Thankfully a lovely US blogger has taken pity on me and is sending it my way as we can't easily get Color Club here.
And seeing your pics has made me even more excited for it!

Shayla said...

Thanks for the swatches, dahling! While these are all gorgeous shades, there's not one that pops out to me and says "you must have me!" :(

Do you have the second half of the collection as well?

Unknown said...

pretty in platinum is perfect on you!