Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Color Club Fall 2010 Untamed Luxury - Diamond

Hello all!

I'm back today with even more crap-tastic pictures!  LOL, seriously, I think my camera is trying to drive me insane!  A few of these are close but no cigar, while 1 just would NOT photograph at all!

Let's dive right in shall we?



Blueish silver with tons of silver and iridescent glitter.
My reaction when I swatched it sums it up nicely I think :  "oOOoooo Sparkly!!!"
3 coats

Ms Hautie


Blurred to show sparkle

Silver metallic with holo glitter and a pink flash
From the bottle this one was my absolute fav!  I was drooling all over it! doesn't work very well on the nail.  It comes out to bumpy, and the pink flash kinda disappears.
I tried my "swipe-with-acetone" trick on the Index and Ring fingers, and then topped those two fingers with top coat to bring back the shine.  It helped some, and did bring back the flash a bit (even though you cant see it in the pics) but the polish still looks bumpy.
3 coats

Red Velvet

Blurred to show sparkle

Black Jelly packed with Red glitter
This did dry bumpy as you can see, but 1 coat of topcoat woulda fixed up up nice and smooth!
AND it woulda showed off the sparkle better!
2 coats!

Untamed Luxury
(super inaccurate pics)

Green-Aqua Jelly JAM PACKED with Aqua Green glitter!
This Polish is GORGEOUS!
And my pics of it SUCK!  LOL
My camera basically eliminated all the green tones and made it look almost totally blue, which it is not!
If you wanna see what this polish really looks like, so take a look at the polish queen Scrangie's swatches HERE!
3 coats (and surprisingly easy to remove!)

Resort to Red


Pink toned Red shimmer
Beautiful jewel-like polish!
2 coats!



Olivey-Mossy-Silver-Green (lol) Metallic base with gold micro flakes of glitter.
OMG, This is AMAZING!  
Not bumpy at all, just smooth amazing-ness!
2 coats, but 1 probably woulda been fine!

Covered in Diamonds

Iridescent flakies!!!!
So many layering possibilities!
I totally intended to layer this over the whole collection for ya, but I ran outa light!
Again, visit the awesome Scrangie to see her layering!
Only complaint is that it's kinda chunky, the flakes dont lay flat...but look at it!  I'll deal with the chunky! LOL
This was over my bare nails
3 coats

This whole Collection is just one big WIN.  While I am slightly disappointed in Ms Hautie, there are just to many pretties in this collection to stay bummed!

These and well as the other half I showed you yesterday, can be purchased at your favorite Etailer!

That's it for today Lovelies!!!


The products featured in this post were sent to me by the Manufacturer or their PR company, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


JQ said...

Covered in Diamonds and Untamed Luxury are both on my wishlist. Yum!

Tiana said...

Wooooot! I'm loving this collection! It's perfect and so are your lovely nails! <3 You did a great job with the swatches. :)

Lucy said...

Since I love glitter and foils, I like this part of the collection. I know I ordered Snakeskin. I forget if I ordered anything else! Love those glitters.

Banana said...

Covered in Diamonds = <3 I love it! :D

Hook Prism Power said...

"Covered in diamonds" was the only one that sang to me. I like the other ones but they seem a bit bumpy in finish.. :-s. "Untamed luxury" kinda looks like a "Catch me in your Net" or "Charla" or "Halley's Comet" dupe. I guess I can see why they would all want their own version because its an awesome color!

Anonymous said...

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