Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Viva La Nails Review Week Day 2: Radioactive Koi

Hello again Lovelies!

Today I have another Viva La Nails look for you today!  To those who asked yesterday where you can find these goodies (sorry)  click HERE to go straight to the awesomeness!

I'm gonna confess something....I think there is something wrong with me!  Lately I have been liking plain, no adornment or konad added, color!  I MUST BE ILL!!!  Me...the "more is better!" girl is on a "no thanks, I just want it plain" color kick!  How odd!  The polish I am gonna show you today is what started it. 

It's Color Club "Wham! Pow!"  and it's a neon orange.  I don't know what it is about this polish, but it pained me to take it off after 4 days!  It's just so pretty!  This polish gets an almost jelly squishyness once you put top coat on it!  LOVE!

Looking at it it reminded me of Koi fish...or better yet, radioactive Koi fish!  So I instantly knew it just had to get scales!  I intended to place these scale like sequins on the polish one by one over lapping slightly, just like scales, but couldn't find the right tool for the job, so I slapped on a nice layer of top coat, and immediately dumped the sequins on top.  I then just tapped my finger to lose and loose ones, pressed the nail lightly to get the remaining sequins stuck down good,  and then added another layer of top coat to seal them in!
Fish Scales!!!
It's a shame though, the camera just didn't do those amazing sequins any justice!
I think the neon freaked it out!

I LOVED this look.  It was just enough sparkle but still simple enough to love the squishy neon!

That's today's look!  I'll be back tomorrow with a more "busy" look!

Have a great day!
The nail art items shown in this post were sent to me for free by Viva La Nails in exchange for an honest review


Freshie said...

I have more orange in my stash than anything - love the sequins on the index finger!!

L said...


Unknown said...

Orange is one of my fave colors. And this just POPS!

I like it both plain and with the sequins. Reminds me of a pearlscale angelfish or, like you said, a koi.
So pretty!

Danielle said...

Great colour, China Glaze actually has a very similar one called Japanese Koi! I currently have it on my toes :)

Phyrra said...

I like the scales! Neat effect!

TINA said...

lovely! reminds me of fish scales.

Check out my blog @ beneaththesunn.blogspot.com

Megan Harmeyer said...

That looks great! I love the sequins - you really did a good job making it look like fish scales. Perfect!

Serena said...

Awesome idea, I love it!

Michelle said...

Wow! I don't typically like orange but this is amazing. Love love love it!

Zara said...

I LOVE it! The color is great, the sequins make it amazing.

Anonymous said...

It seems very beatiful and summer!!!

MissMidnightBlue said...

Wow that does look like fish scales and almost like the real thing in its all shiny goodness.

Jen said...

Hehe I love the fish scale look :D

Stylishly yours said...

That's a great interpretation of the fish scale! I think it works. Cute!

glitterM said...

Fantastic. Yeah, every once in a while I feel like doing a plain manicure and then people who know me ask me what's wrong? They seem disappointed! hahaha