Monday, November 29, 2010

Nubar Finest Silks Review

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today I have some polish from Nubar's Finest Silks Collection to show you.

Let's jump right in shall we?
(side note...The sun was playing hide and seek when I swatched these, so some colors I may only have a shade pic...very sorry!!!)

The darker of the two greige colors.  
3 coats

The lighter of the two greige colors.  
Actually a bit lighter in reality.
3 coats

The darker of the two reds, slightly pinker too, and super shiny as you can see!
2 coats

The brighter of the two reds, and again, super shiny!
2 coats

A pink-nude color.
2 coats

Pretty nude creme.
2 coats

Pretty pearly white
3 coats

Formula on these was great, which is usual for Nubar. 
These aren't really my taste, just because I tend to go for crazy, out there, colors more often than neutrals, but there are alot of women who cannot wear crazy shades and colors to work, or simply dont like them, so I definitely think it was nice, and smart, of Nubar to create this collection.

That's it for today my dears.  
I'll have many more reviews headed your way this week!



Akuma Kanji said...

How different they look in the shades and in the sun! Lovely!

Anonymous said...

I loved the red and taupes. the pinks don't look good on my pales skin =(

Zara said...

I love the reds and taupes, even though they're not that original. I don't like Charmeuse or Organza nearly as much, though...I feel like they're not as classy as the rest, or something.

Lucy said...

This is a nice collection. I ordered the whole collection because of the 30% off the total. I also ordered another collection and a few others. Wish I could've added loads more to my cart. Your nails are really growing fast. They look good. How are you feeling sweetie? Take care of yourself.

Tempera said...

I have a small polish collection but picked these up at the store because they are so affordable and pretty. Thank you for posting these pictures.