Monday, January 31, 2011

Piggy Paint Review

Hey there Lovelies!

I know I said I'd post this Friday, but Thursday night was kinda crazy and I wasn't able to get the pictures finished.

This brand is awesome!  I love the story of how and why it was created, and the fact that it is Non-Toxic!
"Natural as Mud" is their tag line!
If it thickens, you thin it with water!

I was sent two of their polishes to review.

2 coats.
Maybe coulda used a third.

I also got their Glow in the Dark polish called "Radioactive".
Sadly I couldn't get a picture of this glowing on the nails, but I did manage to get a picture of it glowing in the bottle:
You may have to move around and get the right angle to see the glow...I could see it nice and bright on my computer at home, but it's barely showing on my work computer!

It glows so nice and bright on the nail too, it's really a shame that I couldn't get a picture of it.

I really LOVE this brand.
Word of wisdom though...dont do what I did and try to top it with regular topcoat!  As soon as the topcoat hits the polish it gets thick and bubbles like crazy as it dries!
Only thing I can sorta say negative about this polish is the fact that it's not very fast drying.  
But given the fact that it's so awesome, I can totally overlook that.
I love knowing that when the baby is born, and gets a bit bigger and starts that sucking and nibbling on fingers, that I dont have to worry about what I have on my nails!

Definitely recommend this brand, especially if you have little ones in your life!

You can purchase them HERE.

See you guys later for the big BLOG SALE!!!

The products shown in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review.


cathryn said...

let us know about the wear, very interested in seeing how a water-based stacks up.

i read about these a month or so ago and thought it was such a cute story, idea, etc!

Lucy said...

Never heard of these. Interesting that they can be thinned with water!

L said...

This is cute. How did it wear?