Friday, October 16, 2009

Sparkling Blue tips

Good Morning Lovlies!

This past week we've been hitting the gym pretty hard to make up for slacking off in order to make some deadlines the last few weeks.  To say that I am sore, is pretty much a massive understatement.  My lats are killin' me, but we haven't even done lats yet...that's tonight!  AHHHH! to the increased gym time, my nail time has been cut down drastically...ok, basically I've had NO nail time!  So, for today, I have a vault pic for ya.  Bad thing is, these are running perilously low, so I gotta have a major nail session this weekend!

For today's mani I started with the same, tired Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Pedal Pusher.  If anyone has any suggestions on a nice base for frenches, please fill me in!
I then painted on tips in China Glaze Frostbite, and topped that with a coat of Pure Ice Strapless.

Then I stamped the flower tip image from M56 on the tips, in white.
Then I added the matching floral pattern from M51 to the base at the cuticle, also in white.

Not the best mani ever, but cute enough I suppose!

I carry around a notebook with me, pretty much everywhere, so as design ideas come to me, I can write them down!  I currently have about 20 sitting there just waiting to come to life!  So hopefully I'll be able to do a bunch this weekend and stash the pics, that way I wont run out on ya!

I'm also going to start on a few things for my Halloween week!  YAY, I love fun challenges!

Alrighty my wonderful readers, that's all for today!
I hope you all have an absolutely fantastic weekend!



ThRiSzHa said...

ohhh this is very pretty... sometimes i used 1 coat of my holo polish or the essence fashion victim or opi dazzle me.. those are shimmers & it give some glam look on my nails... :D

Stiletto said...

Thanks! yeah, I'm with you on that, more sparkly is ALWAYS better!

Brooke said...

I have done mani's with two bright colors before, lol. I had two different shades of hot pink that I used to do a french with and I just loved it. I say use whatever you like, play around with it (if you have time for that).

I like this mani, very cute and the stamp at the top of the nail looks great! ooohh, I just thought, what if you would have done the stamp at the top in blue to match the tips color - - - -quick!! write it down in the notebook :)))

Love ya girl - have a good weekend!

Patricia said...

oh I love the blue...I have a few I have tried as bases CG- Rainbow, Innocence, and my fav. one coat of Temptation Carnation..temtation is a nice pink with a bit of sparkle..

Stiletto said...

Great idea, it is written down in the notebook of awesomeness! LOL

I think I have temptation carnation! I think that's 1 of the ones my hubby got me for valentines day! I shall try that next! thanks!

Lucy said...

That's a gorgeous manicure! I like this kind of Frenchie. I'm so terrible because I bought the Konad kit and haven't used it. I look at everyones designs and think I'm going to repeat them. I get too lazy and don't do a thing! Have a nice weekend.

Stiletto said...

one day you'll feel the call of the Konad....then it's all downhill from there! :)

Paige said...

I love this mani! It's so pretty; especially with the Konad!

awesomevegan said...

Any color that is light or sheer works well if you want a classic type base color. I like to do funky frenches in any color!!! If you want something pinky/purple with sparkle Vegas Freeze by Zoya could work. This color is no where near as dark as it looks o the site and would make a nice layering color or a sparkly french base. :) Dark fall colors would be nice for a french too :)

Pink Ginger said...

This is lovely! I just received my first Konad kit yesterday...and then I ordered 4 more plates because I'm already addicted :) I had no idea it would be this fun!

Stiletto said...

Thank you!

Thanks girl!

Thanks hun! Yup, its totally ADDICTIVE!