Friday, October 30, 2009

Bone-afide Halloween mani!

Good morning Lovelies!

I've got a fun weekend ahead, I hope you all do as well!
Michelle, my bestest friend and non other than the owner of Obsessed Beauty Junkie (check out her blog!), is coming over to get a set of acrylics and a mani!  I'll take lots of pics!
Then after that fun-ness, some friends of Rob and I's are coming over for dinner, we haven't seen them in years, so that will be fun!  You know your busy when you haven't seen friends in years that live in the same town as you!  Shoot, really good friends of ours live about 4 blocks away from us, and we haven't seen them in MONTHS!  When I was younger I LOVED being busy, and having lots to do....not so much now!  Anyway...I'm making my grandmother's famous "gravy", that's what I grew up calling it!  It's actually spaghetti sauce!  I actually say alot of things Very Very differently than most.  All because I grew up in a home with a full blooded Italian Grandma, I called her Nanny!  Like you probably say Oregano, I say (phonetically, and with a bit of accent) Odd-egg-na, you say Ricotta, I say Aw-di-gawt, It's not Manicotti, it's Mon-a-got!  So the menu is... Pasta, Garlic Bread, Salad, and Cheesecake for dessert!  I'm most excited about the Bread and Cheesecake!  LOL  I LOVE bread, that's the hardest part of being on a low-carb diet!  But, it works for me when nothing else did, and I get a Carb-up day once a week, so I get to have all the yummy carbs then!

Sorry, Tangent!  I am rather Random, sorry!

On the to MANI!!!

For today's mani I wanted to combine 2 colors, that are not only my favorite nail polish colors, but that are also Halloween-y!   Green and Purple!  For the purple I pulled out every single purple polish i own...and much to my dismay the only one that was screaming "I'm perfect, use me!" was Sinful Colors "Let's Talk", that's right, that beautiful purple that left my nails, well, purple!  As I said yesterday I used 2 coats of my china glaze base, but has to take color off 2 of my nails after the base color was on to change my design, and lo and behold, STAINED!  AHHHHH, I cant wait to get that gel topcoat!

So I started with 1 coat of Sinful Colors "Let's Talk", on all nails but my ring fingers and added a coat of Seche, I'm too impatient to wait for it to dry on its own.

Then I put on my french tip guides and used a Q-Tip with acetone to remove the color from the tip, I didn't want it to look too chunky with so many coats.
Then I added 2 coats of Sinful Color's "HD Nails" (thanks Elaine!), a gorgeous green with a yellowish green shimmer, to my tips and ring fingers.
Time to break out the KONAD!  I used Wet and Wild Black creme for the stamp, and WOW, it is so much better than Konad special polish!  I stamped the fishnet pattern from M57 to my tips and ring fingers.
Next, I took out my paintbrushes and grabbed China Glaze "Millennium"....can you tell I like this color?  I painted a skull and crossbones on each ring finger and added a stripe to the smile line, separating the purple and green.
Finally, I broke out the Black Stripe Rite and outlined the skull to give it definition, and added the eyes, nostrils and teeth.
Lastly, I couldn't decide is u wanted a silver glitter smile line or not, so I topped the right hand silver line with a line of silver glitter using the a Silver Glitter Stripe Rite

I added a coat of Sech to seal it all in and when I went to show Rob, I discovered something...The Seche pulled the purple up thru the silver chrome line!  So now my silver lines on my Left hand are light purple chrome!  I wonder if the Seche is somehow making the purple stain!


Skull in Incandescent light:

and in In Sunlight:

The green is actually more the color you see in the Sunlight.  But sadly the only way my camera would actually show the purple was under the lamplight!

I LOVE how the skull came out!  I am totally diggin' this mani!

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend!  Please be sure to post pictures of your Halloween Costumes in your blogs!  I'm sad we wont get to dress up this year, but I have no were fun to go!  :)

Thanks for visiting!



ainos2 said...

Awesome Halloween mani!
I never thought to remove polish to avoid build-up! Fantastic tip!!!

Kori said...

These are amazing!!! I am so impressed! I am new to your blog and love it! Come check out mine if you get a chance. Have a Happy Halloween! Kori xoxo

Stiletto said...

Thanks girl! I'm so glad I could give a good tip to you!

Thanks girl, and welcome!
Heading your way now!
you too!

Brooke said...

Turned out super duper cute, seriously!! I love the color choices and you drew that skull to perfection, awesome work girly! So what time does dinner start????? All that food sounded so yummy! I love cheesecake and I love to make them, they are so good! Take pics of the food so you can torture me some more, ok? :)

Stiletto said...

6pm, be there!
I'd love that if it was possible!
Will do!
And thanks hun!
Have a great Halloween!
Tell Little and Ricco I said hi!
and give Dinky a kiss for me!

Unknown said...

I love it! The skull is beyond cute!

Unknown said...

I love it! The skull is beyond cute!

Stiletto said...

Evil Angel,
Thanks hun!

ThRiSzHa said...

ohhhhhhhhh i love this hallow mani.. great job!!

ThRiSzHa said...

ohhhhhhhhh i love this hallow mani.. great job!!

nihrida said...

Oh my, you are one busy lady. We must be really lucky to have you here. :) How in the world do you have the nerves to actually draw a skull on your nail? It looks awesome! I'd never manage to do this mani. Congrats, you did a great job. :)

Paige said...

I love this; you are so talented!

Shayla said...

Wow! Your Halloween manis blow me out of the water!

Vikx993 said...

I love reading your blog and I have given you a blog award :D

(you dont have to do the whole pass it on thing btw :p I just wanted to give it to blogs I like to read :D )

Vikx x

Anonymous said...

What an amazing mani - you are talented! Have fun!

rijaH said...

Looks really cool :D Love that the skull is so imperfect.. gives it a lot of character :)

Lucy said...

Love that Halloween manicure. I love it that you call spaghetti sauce "gravy". That's what I grew up saying and my family. Full blooded Italian here. I remember when I invited my girlfriend over for a family dinner and said we were having spaghetti and gravy she thought it was brown gravy. She thought it was going to be a very weird dinner. Now that's what she calls it. Pronounce ricotta and oregano the same also. It's such a small world. I haven't made any gravy in such a long time. I also don't know how to make a small amount. It just gets bigger and bigger when I do make it.